Porto Alegre: A smarter city that keeps its citizens moving

Procempa builds a more intelligent city on an IBM System z foundation

Published on 20-Dec-2013

"The implemented system helps lower costs; both service costs for management and for citizens. We are projecting a 50% reduction in response time, 30% reduction in work order backlog and a 60% reduction in total cost of ownership." - Eberli Riella, Technology and Services Manager, Procempa

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With 1.5 million citizens, Porto Alegre is the capital city of Brazil’s southernmost state, Rio Grande do Sul. For more than 30 years, the city has used IT innovation to drive continual improvements to public services. As part of this long-standing commitment, Porto Alegre’s municipal government founded its own IT company—Procempa—in 1977. Today, Procempa employs 500 people and hosts over 300 operational-management, asset-management and line-of-business applications for Porto Alegre’s local government.

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Porto Alegre wanted to improve quality of life for citizens by keeping its growing population moving. To reduce road closures, the city needed to increase the efficiency of its maintenance processes.

The city implemented an asset management solution based on IBM® Maximo® software on Linux for System z®. Data on maintenance activities is displayed in near-real time on a digital map of the city.

Accelerates essential maintenance work, reducing road closures. Projected to achieve a 50 percent reduction in response times, and a 30 percent reduction in backlogs. Estimated to deliver a 60 percent reduction in TCO.


As the city of Porto Alegre grew, IT service provider Procempa needed a more flexible platform to handle increased demands from municipal departments. By engaging IBM System z, Procempa was able to integrate information management across government departments with increased security, lower service costs, and much improved reliability.

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