Jaguar Land Rover cuts software validation time by up to 90 percent

IBM Rational software helps manage near-real-time requirements updates for its developers worldwide

Published on 21 Feb 2013

Jaguar Land Rover


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Jaguar Land Rover plc is an automobile manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom. It produces and manages three famous British automobile brands, Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover. The company was acquired by Tata Motors of India in 2008. Jaguar Land Rover employs approximately 25,000 people and generates an annual revenue in excess of GBP13 billion.

Business need:
Jaguar Land Rover plc wanted to implement a standard requirements methodology that would enable it to manage increasingly complex requirements and speed new features to market.

The company implemented a suite of IBM Rational software to create a new requirements management and modeling system.

Jaguar Land Rover reduced software validation time by up to 90 percent and cut bug-cause detection time by up to 90 percent.

Case Study

Jaguar Land Rover plc is an automobile manufacturer headquartered in the United Kingdom. It produces and manages three famous British automobile brands, Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover. The company was acquired by Tata Motors of India in 2008. Jaguar Land Rover employs approximately 25,000 people and generates an annual revenue in excess of GBP13 billion.

Managing increasingly complex requirements

Jaguar Land Rover sells its automobiles in more than 170 countries and has major emerging markets in China, India, South America, Russia and Africa. One of the company’s primary goals is to quickly and cost-effectively deliver vehicle features that meet unique marketplace demands. For example, it needed to develop in-vehicle infotainment systems capable of delivering different media and content to four occupants, including the driver, simultaneously. With an increasing number of vehicle features, the organization also needed to effectively maintain a greater range of options and combinations from which customers could choose.

To meet these goals, the Jaguar Land Rover infotainment team first needed to improve its development processes. The company had inflexible development tools that were not widely adopted by development teams. These tools failed to provide a comprehensive view of the development lifecycle, which often led to delays in development and increased costs.

The Jaguar Land Rover infotainment team wanted to implement a standard requirements methodology that would facilitate requirements reuse and improve communication between the business and the supply chain. With approximately 600 engineers at multiple sites around the world and tens of thousands of development requirements, the team sought a seamless way to deliver requirements and changes from one team member to other team members and teams in near-real time.

Creating a requirements management and modeling system

After evaluating many available solutions, the infotainment team implemented a suite of IBM® Rational® software along with National Instruments NI TestStand and openSUSE Build Service Tools to create a new requirements management and modeling system. The company installed:
● IBM Rational DOORS® software to provide requirements management
● IBM Rational Rhapsody® software to model the company’s entire in-vehicle entertainment system from a user perspective using the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
● IBM Rational ClearCase® software to store the models and corresponding code
● IBM Rational ClearQuest® software to manage bugs and fixes

Using the solution, Jaguar Land Rover can now create new development specifications in a format that can be quickly adapted and understood across many development and partner sites around the world. The company uses the Rational software tools to help ensure that new features, such as 3-D navigation or advanced media playback systems, provide a seamless user experience in all of its vehicles.

Using Rational DOORS software, Jaguar Land Rover can facilitate the traceability of all of its entertainment-system development requirements, from customer-facing features to specifications for embedded-software components. By integrating the Rational DOORS software with Rational Rhapsody modeling software, the company can immediately see how even the lowest-level changes affect the overall model. The organization uses Rational ClearCase software to carefully control the traceability of the Rational Rhapsody models and the complete infotainment software, including code generated automatically from the Rational Rhapsody UML models.

To support testing, Jaguar Land Rover also uses Rational DOORS software to track test vectors and make them available to the company’s National Instruments testing software suite. Further, when the client runs a test in the NI TestStand environment, the Rational ClearCase software immediately receives a test report. If the test detects any bugs, the Rational ClearQuest software automatically creates a ticket and assigns the repair to the appropriate party.

Decreasing the time required for software validation and bug detection

By using an integrated suite of Rational software to support the development of its in-vehicle infotainment systems, Jaguar Land Rover reduced the time required to fully validate software for a given permutation by up to 90 percent, from around six weeks to only three days for the positive test cases. When the company writes a new requirement, the Rational software automatically generates a test case for the model and enables developers to create a similar test vector that is performed on the end product.

Jaguar Land Rover also reduced the time required to detect bug causes by up to 90 percent, from around three days of human intervention to 30 seconds of automated detection and no more than a few hours of human root-cause analysis. When developing the previous generation of its in-vehicle infotainment system, the company had approximately 10,000 bugs to investigate. The automation helps the company achieve dramatic savings in terms of staff hours and effort. Further, because the system provides a transparent overview of fix assignments and required resources, program managers can better delegate tasks.

At the business level, Jaguar Land Rover uses the Rational software to increase innovation and greatly accelerate time to market for its in-vehicle infotainment systems. Because the client’s globally distributed engineers and developers now work as a more transparent and collaborative team, they no longer exhaust all of their work time simply meeting requirements. Instead, they can spend time conceptualizing and developing new features. As a result, the company expects to increase sales and generate a high return on its investment in the Rational software.

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