Danske Bank Group improves efficiency and reduces time to market

IBM Rational Team Concert software helps support agile development practices

Published on 28 Sep 2011

"IBM Rational Team Concert is the backbone of Danske Bank’s agile development process and is adjusted to the special needs of the bank." - Peter Rasmussen, senior vice president, IT development processes and tools, Danske Bank Group

Danske Bank Group


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With its 21,000 employees in 15 countries around the world, Danske Bank Group is not only the largest financial company in Denmark, but also one of the largest in the Nordic countries.

Business need:
Danske Bank Group wanted to deliver new services faster. It sought to reduce time to market from approximately 14 months to nine months and increase IT development efficiency by 10 percent.

IBM Rational Team Concert™ software supports agile development methods and makes it easier to manage tasks and projects by providing a holistic approach to tools, processes and competencies.

The solution has enabled the bank to increase the efficiency of the IT organization, reduce time to market and improve the quality of the development process.

Case Study

With its 21,000 employees in 15 countries around the world, Danske Bank Group is not only the largest financial company in Denmark, but also one of the largest in the Nordic countries. Targeted acquisitions have always been a central element of the growth strategy of Danske Bank Group, and that is why it has previously carried out a number of IT integrations based on the principle of one group, one system. However, this method is very time-consuming, and to shorten the duration of its IT projects, Danske Bank Group now supplements the waterfall method with agile methods in its development work.

Improving efficiency by 10 percent
Danske Bank Group can now choose the development method that best fits each project. Whether the project is about integrating existing systems or developing new products, Danske Bank can ensure it uses the most effective approach and uses the tools that create the most value for the business, faster. “These days, the market is changing at lightning speed, and it is crucial for the organization that the expectations of the business units and, ultimately, the expectations of the market can be matched. Our vision is to deliver new and exciting services more efficiently and faster than ever. We intend to enhance the efficiency of our IT development process by 10 percent and reduce the time to market from approximately 14 months to an average of nine months. The first business deliveries will even be provided in the course of just four months,” says Peter Rasmussen, senior vice president, IT development processes and tools, Danske Bank.

Improving quality
By adopting agile development practices, Danske Bank also expects to improve the quality of deliveries and to achieve work processes that come more naturally to the employees. “We carry out testing and do changes after each iteration instead of waiting until the project is finished. Therefore, we can deliver the best possible quality. Besides, it is important to us that a greater sense of co-responsibility and greater satisfaction are achieved among the IT employees. This is achieved in most agile development projects because the planning and development time frames are shorter, and the employees see the results of their work faster. Also, the business units experience closer cooperation with the IT department and a direct prioritization of the tasks, and thus a higher degree of certainty that the right developments are taking place,” says Rasmussen.

A real-time teaming tool from IBM
In support of agile development processes, the IT department of Danske Bank chose IBM Rational Team Concert™ software. The company currently has 300 licenses for Rational Team Concert software and expects to add another 1,000 in 2011. Ultimately, the bank wants to give all of the 2,000 IT developers in locations in Denmark and India access to Rational Team Concert software. “Above all, Rational Team Concert software is a teaming tool. A lot of people can interact to achieve the best possible result. It is easier for the project manager to manage tasks and create transparency among the team members across the geographies. In addition, data can be collected and report can be made by means of dashboards, and integration can be made to test management tools and development tools. In other words, it is possible to take the temperature of all parameters in a project, in real time,” says Niels C. Jacobsen, Rational solution architect, IBM Rational software, IBM Software Group Denmark.

Supporting a more holistic approach
“It is a prerequisite that the agile development methods are adjusted to the processes of the company. In the financial world, the methods must primarily be adapted to the governance structure, just as the requirements of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority come into play, as well. So we have incorporated all the necessary processes. We have also included the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) process, which measures the maturity level of all development projects. Thus, with a holistic approach to tools, processes, and competencies, you derive the full benefit of agile development,” says Rasmussen. “Not only does Rational Team Concert software integrate well with our other IBM products, including IBM Rational Developer for System z® and IBM Rational Application Developer software, among others, Rational Team Concert software is the backbone of Danske Bank’s agile development process and is adjusted to the special needs of the bank. Besides, we expect that Rational Team Concert will also support the waterfall methods in the longer term,” says Rasmussen.

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