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Cnam delivers better service to students ... With smarter computing and storage solutions from IBM

Working with IBM, Cnam deployed two IBM® XIV® Storage Systems, synchronously mirrored and supporting a full SAP production chain in a virtualized environment running on blade servers.
18 May 2012

The Cnam scores high with IBM XIV and SAP ... Cuts out 90 percent of storage administration and accelerates response to student needs

The Cnam implemented the IBM XIV® Storage System, synchronously mirrored and running a full SAP production chain in a virtualized environment
20 May 2011

The Cnam - IBM Client Reference Video

Aiming to simplify storage management and achieve higher performance, reliability and scalability, the Cnam worked with IBM and INETD to deploy two IBM XIV Storage Systems. XIV enabled nondisruptive migration, cut storage TCO by 60 percent, and dramatically reduced managemen...
05 May 2011