Automated Credit Card Processing and Approval

Published on 27-Oct-2009

"Using IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules and its BRMS, we’ve decreased the pressure our officers faced at work every day in processing and attempting to approve a myriad of credit card transactions. We have already realized an improvement of more than 300 percent in our staff productivity, and a savings of 1 million Yuan per year using the BRMS, which means that we can streamline our operations while still getting fantastic ROI from this worthy investment" - Chief Engineer, A leading financial services company

Major Leading Financial Services Firm in China

Financial Markets

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A leading financial services company in the People's Republic of China offers a full spectrum of consumer banking, institutional banking, insurance, investment, credit, trust and other related services. The institution has become one of the most trusted and admired Chinese financial services giants today, with net earnings of 6.46 billion Yuan.

Business need:
In mainland China, the use of credit cards to pay for purchases has been virtually unknown. However, with the major cities rapidly expanding and foreign influences on consumer spending, the use of credit cards and their acceptance at retail and other sales outlets throughout China’s main cities are fast becoming a new phenomenon. To keep up with demand, this financial services company needed to replace its manual credit card processing and approval systems with an automated one.

The financial services company introduced an automated credit card processing and approval system based on IBM® WebSphere® ILOG JRules, the market-leading business rule management system (BRMS). Deployed at a branch in November 2007 and currently running around 300 business rules, the system has been a tremendous success: 300 percent increase in the productivity of 270 employees, and a savings rate of 1 million Yuan per year.

300 percent improvement in staff productivity 1 Million Yuan savings per year

Case Study

The financial services company offers extensive credit card facilities to its 5 million customers throughout continental China. It offers its own branded Visa and MasterCard credit cards, as well as co-branded cards with airlines and shopping malls, such as Air China Ltd. and Guanzhou Xindaxin.

Given the massive population density of metropolitan areas and the consumer credit transactions that need to be processed and approved, there is an urgent need for banks like this leading financial services company, which already serves more than 5 million customers throughout China, to adopt automated credit card processing and approval systems to replace manual ones.

The JRules BRMS uses 300 different rules to help the company scientifically and systematically apply search and analysis to various aspects of credit card processing and approval, including the potential for credit card fraud. New rules are entered into a central rule repository that ultimately allows company employees to automatically apply rules with little or no human intervention on a daily basis. When the rare exception occurs, it can be referred to a senior bank officer for manual examination.

The credit card processing and approval system helps the company manage an ever-increasing amount of credit card transactions. Business and process benefits include:
Automation of most credit card transactions
Identification of potential credit card fraud with exceptions in rules
Processing large volumes of transactions in real time
Less human intervention, which allows bank employees to be more useful and productive
Tremendous reduction in manpower costs every year

The IBM ILOG BRMS-based credit card processing and approval system was conceptualized, designed and deployed in-house by Dr. Tian Ming Zhong, chief engineer at the company, and his team of IT professionals. The company has already demonstrated the success of the system at one branch office, and is likely to expand the system to many other branches across mainland China. The flexibility of IBM ILOG’s BRMS means that the bank can easily adapt JRules’ rule engine for use in many other parts of the bank, including other consumer and institutional banking needs.

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