CMS brings SaaS to home health agencies

CMS provides home health providers with a comprehensive, easy to use Clinical Management Application

Published on 13-Dec-2011

"IBM’s reputation for data security is vital for us, given that CMS is new to SaaS. IBM SmartCloud Enterprise and key IBM and Corent middleware give us a platform and business partner network aligned with our commitment to our customers." - Rommel Badua, CEO Clinical and Management Solutions, Inc.

Clinical and Management Solutions


Deployment country:
United States

SmartCloud - Services

IBM Business Partner:
Corent Technology, Inc.


Clinical & Management Solutions, Inc. (CMS) is a SaaS (software as a service) provider of health care solutions and services to home healthcare agencies.

Business need:
CMS decided to migrate its solution from client-server to SaaS..

IBM Business Partner, Corent Technology and IBM provide plug-in multi-tenant capabilities and cloud platform for rapid SaaS transformation.

CMS’s SaaS reduces costs and provides sophisticated management capabilities.

Case Study

Clinical & Management Solutions, Inc. (CMS) is a SaaS (software as a service) provider of health care solutions and services to home healthcare agencies, assisting them in capturing, processing and distributing patient information, clinical visit notes and insurance information to satisfy mandated healthcare regulations.

Stakeholders throughout the healthcare sector are trying to take costs out of the System by reducing hospital stays, a trend that is placing a growing emphasis on home healthcare, one of the fastest growing segments of the industry. Home health agencies, in turn, are seeking greater efficiencies and leveraging technology as they grapple with a burgeoning patient population and expanding healthcare industry requirements.

CMS has been providing clinical management applications for home healthcare agencies since 1996. The company was looking for new ways to leverage technology as a means of gaining competitive advantage by offering its application as a service. Cloud-ready SaaS technology would enable CMS to offer those agencies and, by extension, their home health care providers in the field an efficient, easily manageable and secure platform for accessing the capabilities of the CMS application.

However, transforming its traditional single-tenant client server-based application into a SaaS-based application would require a major re-architecting effort, a substantial undertaking both cost and time prohibitive, particularly for a company with a lean staff.

CMS engaged IBM Business Partner Corent Technology to transform a modernized, browser based version of their application into a SaaS solution running on IBM SmartCloud Enterpise.

The key to converting an application to SaaS is multi-tenant architecture, which allows CMS to spread hardware/software infrastructure, management and labor costs across its entire customer base. CMS is able to amortize costs across all customers and remove all of the tenant management complexities associated with transforming its application from single tenant to multi-tenant.

The conversion was an easy, fast and inexpensive one with the Multi-Tenant Server™ solution from Corent. The Multi-Tenant Server employs a plug-in architecture approach that is a middleware layer between the CMS healthcare application and the underlying DB2 database, transforming all interactions into multi-tenant aware interactions.

· Reduces cost of operations and lowers cost of service delivery
· Eases set up of new tenants and speeds updates and deployment of common Medical and Medicare codes across tenant population
· Allows small and mid-size home health agencies access to secure, HIPAA compliant clinical management solution at low cost

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WebSphere Application Server

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