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New insights into operations and enhanced financial planning unlock opportunities to invest in growth

Published on 18-Jan-2014

"The IBM Cognos solution has been pivotal in transforming what once were fragmented data sources into organized and meaningful insight." - Pablo Gallart Gaspar, Financial Director, Ribera Salud Grupo

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With its catchment area growing rapidly but available funding remaining unchanged, Spanish healthcare organization Ribera Salud Grupo faces a challenge. As an accountable care organization (ACO), it needs to ensure that it keeps delivering top-notch services to a larger number of patients without exceeding its strict pre-established per-patient budget.

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How can a leading healthcare organization invest in expanding its services when patient numbers are surging, but budget levels remain unchanged?

Ribera Salud Grupo transformed its business intelligence, budgeting and planning processes, building a corporate analytics solution that supports better clinical, operational and financial decision-making.

With sharper insight into its activities and better forecasting, Ribera Salud Grupo can operate within a tight budget and free up budget for investment, without compromising on the quality of care.

Case Study

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What if healthcare providers could predict the future performance, activities and expenses of hospitals at the touch of a button? If they had real-time awareness of patients’ health conditions and of the costs associated with individual treatments, how would this improve the way they handle a limited budget?

With its catchment area growing rapidly but available funding remaining unchanged, Spanish healthcare organization Ribera Salud Grupo faces a challenge. As an accountable care organization (ACO), it needs to ensure that it keeps delivering top-notch services to a larger number of patients without exceeding its strict pre-established per-patient budget.

Promoting accountable care on a budget
Pablo Gallart Gaspar, Financial Director at Ribera Salud Grupo, explains, “We currently serve around 700,000 patients within the Region of Valencia, and are expanding our catchment area to cover a number of hospitals in Madrid, which will push patient numbers to well over a million.

“As an accountable care organization, we provide all of the necessary medical equipment, services and care while abiding by a specific per-capita annual budget – currently set at 680 Euros per patient. The number of patients we treat has grown significantly – and is expected to keep growing in years to come – so we need to invest in new resources and equipment, but we simply aren’t allowed to exceed our current budget. This means that we need to make our money stretch as far as it can in order to continue providing top-quality patient care in the future.

“One of the keys to achieving this lies in anticipating future activities and performance for each hospital, so we can better allocate available resources. To do so, we need clear, unified and accurate insight into group-wide activities, so that we can create benchmarks based on measurable data, create ‘what-if’ scenarios on medical activities, establish best practices and drive smarter clinical and business decisions.

“At the same time, we knew that we could not rely on spreadsheet-based reporting processes to manage budgeting and forecasting for new units, as this was too time-consuming and error-prone.”

Leveraging real-time, corporate-level analytics
Ribera Salud Grupo joined forces with IBM Premier Business Partner Lantares, who proposed installing IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solution version 10.1, as well as integrating it with IBM Cognos TM1®.

Manuel Bosch, Development Manager at Ribera Salud Grupo, states, “Working with Lantares is, in itself, a guarantee of success. Not only is their team extensively knowledgeable and fully certified in IBM Business Analytics solutions, but it also has many years of experience working in the healthcare sector – creating a close orientation with our business, which is an important value-add for the project. The combination of these two factors, together with the high quality of the IBM technology, convinced us to embark on this project.”

Ribera Salud Grupo worked with Lantares to perform the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence upgrade and integrate the new version with IBM Cognos TM1 for unified and accurate planning, budgeting, forecasting and analysis on a group-wide scale. The solution centralizes budgeting management, enabling users to collaborate in the preparation, review and approval of budgets in a standardized and controlled way.

Manuel Bosch continues, “Having IBM Cognos TM1 integrated with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence means data can flow between budgets, reports and scorecards without any manual intervention or risk of errors, helping us to ensure that decisions are based on accurate, timely information. It also makes the budgeting process much easier and more effective by improving information-sharing between users.”

During the project, Ribera Salud Grupo was able to highlight some inefficiencies and lack of transparency in its previous reporting system and budgeting operations, which it can now resolve thanks to IBM Cognos TM1. By doing so, the organization enjoys greater automation and increased visibility of how budgets are calculated and what the data actually means – on a group-wide scale.

Manuel Bosch says, “Having a unified, corporate solution for business intelligence and budgeting will be helpful in the future when we take over the management of new hospitals, because it will enable us to easily plug their existing systems into the solution, instead of creating separate analytics environments for each one.”

Reaping the benefits of a centralized solution
Ribera Salud Grupo now benefits from a highly accurate and consistent view of its group-wide activities, in real time and with a high level of automation. The healthcare provider can now analyze data on patients, treatments and processes more rapidly, gaining an up-to-the-minute view of how resources are being used across its network. Equipped with this information, decision-makers can ensure that funds are being allocated in the most effective way, and keep the group on track for meeting its tight budget.

The Cognos solution also supports Ribera Salud Grupo in the creation of ‘what-if’ scenarios to predict any type of significant medical activity – from emergencies to surgeries to in-patients – that each hospital might be expected to sustain, and to manage waiting lists more effectively. With this kind of insight, Ribera Salud Grupo can proactively manage activities across all of the hospitals it manages – instead of simply reacting to events as they arise. This will give the group better control over its resources and spending, ensuring that its activities remain within budget.

By leveraging ‘what-if’ capabilities, Ribera Salud Grupo can even create estimated costs for specific medical activities, and build up the necessary resources to tackle them in the future.

Pablo Gallart Gaspar explains, “Scenario planning helps us to make much more accurate plans; for example, we can calculate what the potential patient intake might be for upcoming months or how high the demand will be for a particular activity. This helps us from getting caught unawares, and ultimately gives us a better chance of sticking to our budget.

He concludes, “The IBM Cognos solution has been pivotal in transforming what once were fragmented data sources into organized and meaningful insight. A better understanding and control of our budget and the way it affects the delivery of medical services ultimately translates into even higher levels of service for our patients – which is our top priority.”

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