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Creating an operational reporting solution that improves business performance

Published on 05-Sep-2013

"Supporting strategic objectives such as the Customer Delight project would be almost impossible without a powerful analytics platform. We plan to continue to develop new capabilities in Cognos that will help us further enhance our customer service levels, differentiate ourselves from the competition, and gain segment-share." - Lies Van den Abeele, Business Intelligence Developer, Carglass® Belgium



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Carglass® Belgium, a subsidiary of one of Europe’s leading automotive glass fitting companies, recognized that customer service was the single most important factor in both retaining existing customers and winning new business.

Business need:
Carglass® Belgium aims to deliver “customer delight” – a level of service high enough to encourage customers to recommend Carglass® to their friends. Operational analytics is the key to this strategy.

Carglass® united two legacy solutions into a single, powerful analytics platform that now provides a wide range of operational reports and scorecards for the business and its customers.

Automates scorecarding processes, saving analysts two hours per week.

Analyzes service-related issues at Customer Delight Center level, contributing to an increase in customer delight. Accelerates cube-building by a factor of 12, delivering insight to the business faster and more reliably.

Case Study

When you only see your customers once every few years, how can you ensure that when the need arises they will come to you, rather than one of your competitors?

Carglass® Belgium, a subsidiary of one of Europe’s leading automotive glass fitting companies, recognized that customer service was the single most important factor in both retaining existing customers and winning new business.

Gaining business by word-of-mouth
Lies Van den Abeele, Business Intelligence Developer at Carglass® Belgium, explains: “Although an individual customer may not need a new windscreen every year, it’s quite likely that they will know someone who does. If we can get them to recommend Carglass® to their friends and colleagues, it gives us a chance to expand our customer-base and gain advantage over our competitors.”

Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers are often a more effective way of winning new business than traditional marketing campaigns – as well as being much less expensive. However, to raise customers’ confidence to the point where they are willing to promote your business, you need to provide an extremely high level of service.

Importance of analytics
For this reason, Carglass® launched its “Customer Delight” project, which aims to continuously improve customer service and boost the net promoter score (NPS) – the measure of how likely an individual customer is to recommend Carglass® to someone they know. To support the Customer Delight project, Carglass® Belgium needed to gain deeper insight into both customer feedback and operational performance. At the same time, the company was faced with the need to restructure its analytics landscape: instead of relying on its sister company in the UK to provide reports and analyses, it wanted to bring reporting capabilities closer to the business and gain better support for decision-making.

Deeper insight into customer delight
With an analytics solution from IBM, Carglass® can gather information from customer surveys and assess levels of satisfaction for each of its Customer Delight Centers.

The surveys are conducted by a third-party organization, which sends online questionnaires to customers after they have visited a Carglass Customer Delight Center. Each questionnaire contains ten questions, and the answers are used to calculate the NPS for each customer, rated from -100 to +100. Any positive score is a good result – but Carglass® is particularly interested in scores higher than 80, which differentiates customers who are genuinely delighted by the service they have received. Carglass® is also interested in the customers with a low score. Its customer solutions team calls these people to find out why the score is low, and what the company can learn from it.

By combining the NPS data with operational metrics – such as quality and productivity scores for each fitter at each workshop – Carglass® can accurately assess the factors that make customers not just happy with the company’s service, but actually delighted.

“Now, we are able to link customer satisfaction directly to operational aspects of our business, and identify some of the most important causes of customer delight,” says Lies Van Den Abeele.

Moreover, if a Customer Delight Center is falling behind on its customer satisfaction scores, Carglass® managers can quickly find the root cause and intervene to bring the service level back up to standard. For example, if customers at a specific branch are dissatisfied, analysts can investigate why. Perhaps customers are having to wait longer than usual. If so, perhaps there is a problem with productivity at the branch – for example, not enough fitters to handle the workload. Or it might be the case that a certain type of windscreen is out of stock. Once the problem is identified, Carglass® can ensure that the appropriate department – HR, purchasing, and so on – takes action to remedy it.

Powerful solution
The solution is built on IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10, which IBM helped Carglass® to implement. The project team migrated 20 cubes and more than 100 reports onto the new platform. The system now runs in an IBM AIX environment on an IBM Power server, delivering significant performance improvements compared to the old UK-based solution. For example, reporting cubes that used to take four hours to build can now be generated in 20 minutes – 12 times as fast.

“We now have a single solution for all our reports, which are used by sales, marketing, our call center, our Customer Delight Centers, our logistics team and our finance department,” comments Lies Van den Abeele. “We can even generate interactive reports for our largest customers.

“With all our data on a single platform, supported by a single powerful set of analytical tools, we don’t have to spend time consolidating information in spreadsheets. Our analysts are saving about two hours a week, which they can spend on designing new analyses and reports, rather than just number-crunching.”

Aligning analytics with business needs
To provide governance for the company’s analytics system, Carglass® has set up a “reporting club”, which meets monthly. The club brings the business intelligence specialists from the IT team together with analysts from the sales and marketing, operations, call centre and finance teams, to discuss and prioritize new requirements and validate and enhance existing reports.

“The reporting club helps us to ensure that the reports we develop contain the information that all the different departments of the business actually need,” states Lies Van den Abeele. “Where possible, we try to produce one report that is relevant to all departments – keeping the cost of managing our reporting as low as possible.”

Two external business intelligence companies, Acumen and Deloitte, also deliver excellent work.

Looking to the future
Lies Van den Abeele concludes: “The best thing about our analytics solution is its flexibility: we can give people in different roles and different departments access to exactly the data they need. We can also develop new types of reports and analysis quickly and easily – which is a good thing because the demand for analytics from the business is constantly increasing! For example, we are able to create operational scorecards, sales and marketing scorecards, and even a beautiful Carglass® scorecard.

“Supporting strategic objectives such as the Customer Delight project would be almost impossible without a powerful analytics platform. We plan to continue to develop new capabilities in Cognos that will help us further enhance our customer service levels, differentiate ourselves from the competition, and gain segment-share.”

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