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Published on 28-May-2013

"The ability to access analytics on the move really transforms users’ ability to communicate and make informed decisions quickly. Analytics is no longer tied to the desktop – it’s available on their tablets, wherever they happen to be." - Miguel Salas, Product Manager, Daptiv


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Daptiv – one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) solutions, with over 500 clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia – has developed a solution that provides a single point of control for clients’ entire project portfolios.

Business need:
Daptiv wanted to differentiate its project portfolio management solutions by embedding fast, stable, flexible and portable analytics capabilities that would enable self-service reporting and analysis.

Daptiv upgraded to IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence 10.2. By combining Cognos Lifecycle Manager with custom-built tools, Daptiv successfully migrated over 30,000 reports to the new version with no disruption for its 500-plus clients.

Boosts reporting performance and stability. Helps clients serve themselves with data via new features such as Active Report and Cognos Workspace. Advanced multi-tenancy support will facilitate future upgrades.

Case Study

How can analytics help software vendors add an extra dimension to the value of their solutions?

Daptiv – one of the world’s leading providers of cloud-based project portfolio management (PPM) solutions, with over 500 clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia – has developed a solution that provides a single point of control for clients’ entire project portfolios.

The solution offers the built-in flexibility to adapt to clients’ specific project management philosophies. It is delivered from the cloud, enabling rapid adoption without up-front investment. There was just one thing missing.

To further differentiate its offering from the competition, Daptiv needed to empower its clients to gain deeper insight into every aspect of their project portfolios. Above all, clients wanted the ability to serve themselves with customized reports and dashboards that would provide accurate, timely information at a glance.

Harnessing enterprise-class analytics
To deliver the flexible embedded analytics capabilities that would help its solution dominate the PPM marketplace, Daptiv turned to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.

Miguel Salas, Product Manager at Daptiv, comments: “Even our most demanding clients love the fact that the embedded Cognos solution can now provide rich, self-contained and visually compelling interactive reports that they can access through tablet devices.

“Project managers are often on the move, travelling to project sites or visiting suppliers, customers and partners – so the ability to access analytics on the move really transforms their ability to communicate and make informed decisions quickly. Analytics is no longer tied to the desktop – it’s available on their tablets, wherever they happen to be.”

Daptiv’s clients’ business users can also now build their own personalized dashboards.

The journey to advanced analytics
Daptiv originally integrated IBM Cognos Business Intelligence into its PPM solution more than five years ago. This year, to unlock a new generation of analytics capabilities such as interactive offline reports and editable dashboards, the company decided to perform a major upgrade to the latest version of the software.

The challenge was to complete the upgrade with minimal disruption to clients’ business services – a complex undertaking for a large, multi-enterprise environment.

“Many of our clients’ businesses live and die by the reporting services that we provide, so a non-disruptive upgrade was absolutely vital,” says Kevin Tonkin. “With over 500 clients using a single Cognos instance, we knew that the migration needed to be planned carefully.”

Planning the upgrade
Daptiv used IBM Cognos Lifecycle Manager to validate the reports that are used by its largest clients. These were some of the most complex reports in the environment, so it was vital to check them carefully for errors or inconsistencies. Lifecycle Manager was able to verify and validate the report output to ensure that the upgraded environment would deliver identical results.

Because Daptiv needed to migrate such a large number of reports during the upgrade, the company also built a set of custom tools to complement Lifecycle Manager by automatically detecting some of the more common inconsistencies between the output generated by the old and new versions of the Cognos software.

“Our clients can have anywhere between 10 and 1,000 Cognos users, which means that we have hundreds of thousands of Cognos reports in our systems and over 10,000 reports running every day,” says Salas. “With such a large volume of reports, we wanted to automate the testing as much as possible.”

“Our close relationship with the IBM Cognos development team was one of the keys to the success of the Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2 upgrade project,” adds Tonkin. “Based on our detailed analysis of the issues we identified, the IBM development team was able to provide solutions that solved large groups of the most common reporting inconsistencies between the two versions of Cognos.”

Reducing business risk
As the go-live date approached, Daptiv adopted a number of strategies to mitigate the impact of the migration for its clients.

Salas comments: “When we identified minor or cosmetic issues that were simple to fix, we logged them in an online knowledge base. Our clients were able to use this as a comprehensive troubleshooting guide – empowering them to resolve problems with their reports on their own, instead of having to raise a support request with our helpdesk.”

For clients with especially business-critical reports, Daptiv configured both versions of Cognos to run side by side for a month after the new version went live. This offered clients the ability to identify and resolve any report-related issues without disrupting their users.

“We were very pleased with how smoothly the upgrade went,” says Tonkin. “We anticipated that there would be some teething problems with the new version, but our helpdesk was eerily quiet. In fact, we had only 100 support cases for over 12,000 reports. These issues were relatively easy to resolve, and currently we have just three support cases still open.”

Salas adds: “The initial feedback we are getting from our clients is extremely positive – we’ve heard many anecdotes about how the new solution is offering higher performance and greater stability than before. Daptiv’s Work Intelligence™ capabilities are a key differentiator in the PPM market, and have been instrumental in helping customers assign the right resources to work on the right projects at the right time.”

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