Scott Bader cuts licence costs by 40 percent

Regaining control of compliance with IBM and Kelros

Published on 25-Jan-2013

"IBM and Kelros have helped us to reduce the time we need to spend on compliance, save money on licence costs, and provision services to support new business initiatives." - Gurmaj Singh, Technical Support Manager, Scott Bader

Scott Bader

Chemicals & Petroleum

Deployment country:
United Kingdom

Business Integration, Business Resiliency, Enabling Business Flexibility

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Headquartered in Wollaston, England, Scott Bader is a manufacturer of synthetic resins, polymers and adhesives. With operations in ten countries in Europe, the Middle East, United States and Africa, the group employs 600 people.

Business need:
Chemical manufacturer Scott Bader wanted to regain control of its IBM® Lotus® Notes® and Domino® licences – spread across multiple sites in ten countries – to reduce costs and support new IT initiatives.

IBM Premier Business Partner Kelros helped Scott Bader consolidate multiple individual licences to a single IBM Passport Advantage® Express model.

Ensures all business units have the correct licences, saving around 40 percent per year. Allows provisioning of new servers at no extra cost – supporting new business services.

Case Study

Headquartered in Wollaston, England, Scott Bader is a manufacturer of synthetic resins, polymers and adhesives. With operations in ten countries in Europe, the Middle East, United States and Africa, the group employs 600 people.

Need to support innovation

Scott Bader wanted to gain the freedom to roll out new business services quickly – improving its ability to innovate in a competitive marketplace. To achieve its objectives, the company needed to address its licensing strategy, which was reducing the efficiency of provisioning new business services.

As Gurmaj Singh, Technical Support Manager at Scott Bader, explains: “Our 600 IBM Lotus Notes users rely on a variety of bespoke Notes applications to perform their roles. These applications fulfil a variety of functions – from simple document management and databases of holiday requests to our customer relationship management system.”

Complex licensing model incurs costs

In the past, each site managed its own IBM Lotus Domino environment, and had its own individual licence renewal date.

“Our smallest site has two users and our largest has over 300, so there is quite a range to manage,” says Gurmaj Singh. “Having multiple licence renewal dates for each site presented a number of challenges for our business. Because renewals were spread across the year, we would regularly be chasing local teams to perform server and user audits, which were important for determining the licences we needed to purchase. As well as taking a lot of time and effort, there was a risk of small sites being overlooked.”

Missing licence renewal dates placed Scott Bader at risk of incurring additional operational expenses.

Gurmaj Singh comments: “If we missed the renewal deadline or found that we did not have the correct licences for a team – for example, if they had added new users or servers for new applications – then we would have to pay additional charges.”

Scott Bader wanted to consolidate its multiple individual licences to a single, company-wide licence – supporting data-driven business initiatives, and enabling better visibility for yearly budgeting, and reducing inefficient spending on licences.

Consolidating licences with Kelros

To enable the consolidation of its multiple licences into one, Scott Bader engaged IBM Premier Business Partner Kelros.

“We chose Kelros because we have used their consultancy services on a number of occasions in the past,” says Gurmaj Singh. “From our experience of working with Kelros, we knew that they had the necessary expertise with the Lotus Domino platform to ensure that the licence consolidation project would be completed smoothly.”

Using the agreements, processes and tools defined in the IBM Passport Advantage programme, Kelros started by helping Scott Bader to move the company’s UK sites over to the IBM Passport Advantage Express licensing model. Following the success of the first phase of the project, Kelros migrated the company’s operations in China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, France, South Africa, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United States to the new licensing model.

“We were very satisfied with the guidance and assistance that Kelros provided throughout the migration process,” says Gurmaj Singh. “Kelros helped us to understand the actions that were required of us at each stage, and co-ordinated the process with IBM throughout.”

Regaining control using IBM Passport Advantage Express

Since consolidating its IBM Lotus Notes and Domino licences to a single price level with IBM Passport Advantage Express, Scott Bader has regained control of its costs. By ensuring that it has the correct licences for all business units, the company will save around 40 percent per year once the initial cost of the licence transfer has been offset.

“Thanks to Kelros’ guidance, we now do a single user audit at the end of each year,” says Gurmaj Singh. “Because we know all of our sites are covered, we don’t have to chase our IT teams – cutting the time required to manage licences by 25 percent. The solution also allows our local teams to stop worrying about compliance and invest more time in activities that add value to the business.”

With the IBM Passport Advantage Express licensing model, Scott Bader has gained the flexibility to install new IBM Lotus Domino application servers quickly, efficiently and without any paperwork.

Supporting new business initiatives

Today, new licence purchases take advantage of a group-level pricing agreement. This means greater savings for the company’s smaller sites, and offers the flexibility to transfer licences from one site to another.

“In the past, installing a new IBM Lotus Domino application server to support a new business service or initiative was quite a time-consuming and complex process,” says Gurmaj Singh. “As new servers were not covered by our previous licensing model, we would have to secure internal approval to purchase new licences, which made the process inefficient.

“With IBM Passport Advantage Express, we can install as many new servers as we need, as our licences are now based on the number of users in the estate. As a result, it is much easier for us to test and roll out innovative new services for the business.”

Looking to the future

Making use of its new-found flexibility, Scott Bader has begun testing IBM Sametime and IBM Lotus Traveler. Once implemented, the software will allow its employees to connect to business systems from mobile devices, PCs and tablets via an internet connection from anywhere in the world.

“From both an IT and business perspective, the IBM Passport Advantage Express licensing model has been a great success,” concludes Gurmaj Singh. “IBM and Kelros have helped us to reduce the time we need to spend on compliance, save money on licence costs, and provision services to support new business initiatives.”

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