Meka Pro harnesses analytics to improve profitability of manufacturing projects

Published on 18-Jun-2012

Validated on 02 Dec 2013

"Soleno understands IBM Cognos Express and made a commitment to understand our business. With Soleno’s help, we have been able to consolidate our production reporting by country and customer onto Cognos Express, and we have a better understanding of project costs. We are able to use better pricing models that meet both our needs and those of our customers." - Juha Tiainen, CFO, Meka Pro Oy

Meka Pro Oy

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BA - Business Analytics, BA - Business Intelligence, Express

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Soleno Oy


Meka Pro Oy is a Finnish company whose business strategy is to produce high-quality and competitive cable support systems for its customers’ various construction projects.

Business need:
To operate effectively in different markets, Meka Pro needs to be able to adjust its pricing and manufacturing strategies to meet local needs. Without insight into sales and manufacturing data, it was difficult to meet customers’ needs or achieve economies of scale.

Meka Pro worked with Soleno, an IBM Business Partner, to implement IBM Cognos® Express, including the Advisor, Planner, Reporter and Xcelerator modules.

Increases profitability by 10 percent through better understanding of markets, customers and production costs.

Set up a user-friendly, interactive, web-based reporting solution that allows Meka Pro personnel to better understand the company’s customers, products, and processes. This leads to better and faster business decisions and improved profitability. With a clearer picture of customers’ needs, Meka Pro is able to procure materials at reduced costs and provide customers better pricing. IBM Cognos Express Planner allows Meka Pro to schedule purchasing and production processes that help to meet business objectives.

Case Study

Meka Pro Oy is a Finnish company whose business strategy is to produce high-quality and competitive cable support systems for its customers’ various construction projects.

Meka Pro is a leading manufacturer in Finland and a key supplier in over 80 countries, including the Baltic states and Russia. It produces over 2,000 products that have been used in the construction and installation of high-quality technical solutions in various large industrial establishments, trade centres and tunnels around the world.

Meka Pro provides its customers with everything from new product design and development to production. With customers located in distinct markets with differing currencies and pricing models, Meka Pro found it difficult to determine effective pricing strategies due to varying reporting practices and data sources. For example, the company found it difficult to gain economies of scale because it was unaware of customers who were using similar products for different uses.

In addition, Meka Pro did not have a reporting system that provided users with up-to-date information in a timely fashion. This prevented them from making faster business decisions and ended up eroding the company’s profit margins.

Finally, Meka Pro’s entry into the Russian market was difficult because the use of different IT and reporting systems made it challenging to understand the market dynamics and customer base.


  • Leverage Soleno’s experience and expertise to implement a solution that provides effective cost and pricing models by country, currency and trackable production costs.
  • Purchase IBM Cognos Express.
  • Implement a flexible, integrated, user-friendly solution that is perfectly suited for future expansion to additional markets and company growth.

  • Increases profitability by 10 percent through better understanding of markets, customers and production costs.
  • Enables the consolidation of numerous Excel spreadsheets into a single easy-to-use platform with both high-level dashboards and the ability to drill down to detailed data.
  • Empowers end-users to gain a better understanding of the business at any time, without relying on IT or taking up an analyst’s time.
  • Supports each market that the company operates in, including Scandinavia, the Baltic states and Russia.
  • Increases Meka Pro’s understanding of distinct customer needs while enabling manufacturing to take advantage of economies of scale.
  • Automates daily, weekly, and monthly production and sales reporting with immediate access to job design costs, production costs and job profitability levels.

About Soleno Oy
Soleno Oy, established in 1996, specialises in consultancy and services relating to reporting and planning for a wide range of industries. The company co-operates with a world-leading supplier of planning and reporting solutions: IBM Business Analytics.

Soleno’s customers are Finnish industry leaders, located in different parts of Finland, who respect its expertise, strong experience and flexible way of working. By providing high-quality, secure solutions, Soleno helps its customers to manage and develop their own businesses with the help of the latest technology. Its offices are located in the cities of Oulu and Raahe.

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