Amadori launches interactive mini-sites

With IBM Web Content Management and IBM Business Partner Tecla

Published on 28-Oct-2011

Validated on 15 Jul 2013

"The mini-sites have dramatically improved Amadori’s online profile, something which is demonstrated by increasingly high levels of user interest on the ‘Amadori Peopoll’ facebook page. The number of ‘Amadori Peopoll’ fans on Facebook has grown to nearly 50,000 in under a year!" - Marco Magnaghi, Business Innovation Manager, Amadori


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Amadori Group is a leading Italian company that focuses on the production and marketing of poultry products, with an annual income of over €1 billion in 2010. Founded forty years ago in San Vittore di Cesena, Italy, the company employs over 6,500 people and has production plants in five Italian cities. Amadori combines tradition and innovation to deliver excellent quality products.

Business need:
Amadori wanted to exploit the potential of online marketing and social networks to communicate more effectively with younger consumers. The company also wanted to use online resources to gain new insights into its consumer base.

With the help of IBM® Business Partner Tecla, Amadori used IBM Web Content Management to create and manage content for four product-based mini-sites. The sites have been integrated with Facebook and YouTube, enabling direct access to Amadori’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Significantly improved Amadori’s online profile, enabling the company to communicate more directly with younger consumers and increase consumer loyalty. Enabled the creation of an up-to-date database of consumer details. Defined webpage templates enable new mini-sites to be created up to 40 percent faster, saving time and costs.

Case Study

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Amadori Group is a leading Italian company that focuses on the production and marketing of poultry products, with an annual income of over €1 billion in 2010. Founded forty years ago in San Vittore di Cesena, Italy, the company employs over 6,500 people and has production plants in five Italian cities. Amadori combines tradition and innovation to deliver excellent quality products.

Looking for ways to communicate more effectively with growing numbers of young consumers, Amadori decided to harness the potential of online marketing and create a series of mini-sites for a line of similar products using “digital” communication.

“We wanted to create fun, innovative sites with interactive features which would engage a group of consumers who are more likely to surf the Net,” said Marco Magnaghi, Business Innovation Manager at Amadori.

“We were also interested in exploring the potential of social networking websites. We wanted to utilise popular sites such as Facebook and YouTube to boost visibility, encourage consumer loyalty to the Amadori brand and gauge consumers’ reactions to Amadori’s products and marketing campaigns.”

Improving the quality of consumer data was another priority for Amadori. “We wanted to enhance the methods that we use to contact the consumers in the 'physical' world – such as our competitions, for example – by achieving a deeper understanding of our market segmentation through the data collection provided by the mini-sites,” said Magnaghi.

In terms of technical requirements, Amadori needed a web-based solution which would create, manage, edit and publish web content, and enable the mini-sites to be accessible on as many web devices as possible. In addition, the solution needed to be capable of creating a replicable template which could be recycled for the creation of future mini-sites. “Once established, we hoped to use the template to accelerate the roll-out of consecutive product-based mini-sites,” said Gianluca Giovannetti, CIO at Amadori.

Partnership with Tecla

Amadori required the services of an IT partner to assist in the creation of its product-based mini-sites. Having previously worked with IBM Business Partner Tecla on a successful migration from Microsoft Exchange to a Lotus® Domino® landscape, Amadori decided to engage with Tecla again to design and implement a web-based solution.

Following the successful deployment of IBM WebSphere® Portal and IBM Web Content Management for Amadori’s intranet, the company decided to employ the same IBM solutions to support its new digital marketing project. IBM WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Management were installed in an external internet data centre to ensure high levels of availability to support the new internet initiatives.

Amadori drew from its previous experience of IBM Web Content Management to create the mini-sites. IBM Web Content Management provides a comprehensive set of editing and publishing tools that enable the rapid creation and easy management of web content. Other mini-site services such as newsletters, customer registration and competition entries were based on the WebSphere Portal application server.

“The IBM Web Content Management solution ensures that the sites are compatible with the widest possible range of web browsers and mobile devices,” said Umberto Toni, Amadori Project Manager, Tecla. “What’s more, it fulfils Amadori’s criteria regarding the creation of webpage templates.”

“Tecla was entirely responsible for placing the creative content for the websites into the IBM Web Content Management platform,” said Gianluca Giovannetti. “The collaboration between Tecla and Amadori on this project was highly effective, confirming our positive opinion of Tecla’s services.”

The Amadori mini-sites

Following the deployment of IBM Web Content Management, Amadori successfully rolled out its first mini-site ‘I CuorLeggeri’ ( in October 2010. This was soon followed by the roll-out of ‘Casa di Marta e Marco’ ( in February 2011, ‘I Fidatissimi’ ( in March 2011, and most recently ‘Evviva Il Würstel Italiano!’ ( in April 2011 and the corporate website ( in October 2011.

The website template used for the production of ‘I CuorLeggeri’ was able to be reused for the ‘I Fidatissimi’ mini-site. “We simply re-designed the background graphic, cloned the website on IBM Web Content Management and updated the contents through the online editor,” said Gianluca Giovannetti. “The entire production process for ‘I Fidatissimi’ took just two weeks, ten days less that it would have taken if we had started everything from scratch.”

Amadori also utilised IBM Web Content Management’s workflow capabilities to set up an approval process for content created by users during a recent recipe competition on the ‘I CuorLeggeri’ mini-site. Following the submission of a user’s entry form, Amadori IT staff received an automatic notification email asking them to either approve or reject the user’s entry, ensuring that no inappropriate content was published on the mini-site.

Interactive features

In addition to online bake-off competitions and recipe guides, the mini-sites contain a number of innovative interactive features which appeal to young users. For instance, the “Evviva Il Würstel Italiano” mini-site supported the main phases of the marketing strategy for a new Amadori sausage product called “Evviva”, which included new TV adverts and a Beach Party Tour. During the first phase, people could upload their own funny videos onto the mini-site: the winners of the “Evviva vado in TV” competition were then given roles in TV commercials, together with Amadori’s official testimonials. Subsequently, the mini-site was used to promote and manage the invitations for the “Evviva Beach Tour 2011”, a series of happy-hours, barbecues and brunches on the beach where the Evviva product was always in the foreground. As a follow-up, the site showcased the funniest photos and videos taken during those parties.

“The launch of the new Amadori product has been supported by a very well-structured plan of integrated communication, which included Social Casting competitions and local marketing initiatives. The website Evviva Il Wurstel and its Facebook and Youtube links helped to offer our customers a very involving experience that supported the product through a launch period of more than four months,” claims Marco Magnaghi.

The creation of an up-to-date consumer database

By asking mini-site users to share data in order to receive regular newsletters, enter online competitions, download applications and sign up for events, Amadori has been able to compile a database of consumers’ personal details. Once a new user’s details have been registered, Amadori is able to analyse the user’s market segment and add him or her to the appropriate mailing lists.

Harnessing social networking tools

Amadori has integrated Facebook and YouTube links to the homepages of all of the four mini-sites, enabling users to directly access Amadori’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, ‘Amadori Peopoll’, where they can become a fan of the brand and its products. Amadori uses Facebook Insights to obtain metrics regarding its Facebook page, in terms of new fans and favourite contents. Amadori is also utilising Google Analytics to evaluate interest and degree of use of the proposed features.

Gaining deeper insight

Amadori is also using a number of web tools to track what is said about the Amadori brand on social networking sites, blogs and forums. Based on the data collected, the company has recently begun a pilot project, using IBM SPSS® text mining technology to assess users’ opinions of its products and draw conclusions about any fluctuations in the Amadori brand’s popularity amongst consumers.

The IBM SPSS software is being used to test whether Amadori can benefit from the use of sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is a technnique that uses sophisticated statistical models to assess whether a given text (in this case, a consumer’s comment on an Amadori product) expresses a positive, negative or neutral opinion. In more advanced deployments, it can also be used to assess the emotional state of the writer (happy, sad, angry and so on).

By leveraging this type of analysis, Amadori aims to constantly monitor its brand reputation, anticipate possible issues and provide its marketing department with useful information to promote initiatives and products that lead to a closer engagement with customers’ needs and desires.

A wider online profile

“IBM Web Content Management has enabled the fast creation of high quality interactive mini-sites which provide us with a platform to communicate in a faster and more direct way with our consumers,” said Gianluca Giovannetti. “The mini-sites have dramatically improved Amadori’s online profile, something which is demonstrated by increasingly high levels of user interest on the ‘Amadori Peopoll’ Facebook page. The number of ‘Amadori Peopoll’ fans on Facebook has grown to nearly 50,000 in under a year!” states Magnaghi.

“A major benefit of IBM Web Content Management was the ability to replicate the ‘I CuorLeggeri’ template for use in the ‘I Fidatissimi’ mini-site,” adds Gianluca Giovannetti. “The template enabled us to accelerate the project timeline by ten days and enjoy significant economic savings.”

The mini-sites have also improved the quality of Amadori’s consumer data. “Since the launch of the mini-sites we have been able to collate consumer data in a more structured and centralised way. In future, we are hoping to further exploit this data using IBM SPSS semantic analysis software,” said Gianluca Giovannetti.

Future plans for IBM Web Content Management

“The collaboration between Tecla and Amadori is ongoing,” said Umberto Toni. “We are now working on new digital marketing projects, such as the renovation of Amadori’s corporate website, which will use the same IBM Web Content Management platform as the current mini-sites.”

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