VZP centralises management of its company cars with Your System and IBM Lotus Notes

Published on 10-Dec-2009

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Deployment country:
Czech Republic

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Your System


VZP is the largest health insurance company in the Czech Republic, with 5,000 employees and 80 branches covering every region of the country.

Business need:
VZP employees frequently need to travel across the Czech Republic to visit different branches and assess health insurance claims. With company cars managed locally, it was difficult to coordinate transport, and VZP lacked the data required to budget accurately for its fleet of cars.

Your System, an IBM Premier Business Partner, helped VZP implement Autoprovoz, a car management system built on the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino platform. The solution is integrated with CCS, a card-based fuel purchasing system.

Autoprovoz provides a central repository for vehicle data, replacing numerous spreadsheets. VZP can see where all its cars are and who is using them – simplifying the coordination of car pooling and reducing operational costs. Employees can use the system to reserve cars or claim reimbursements, eliminating paper-based processes and saving time.

Case Study

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VZP is the largest health insurance company in the Czech Republic, with 5,000 employees and 80 branches covering every region of the country.

As part of their day-to-day work, many of the company’s employees need to travel to different locations across the Czech Republic – for example, visiting hospitals to assess and adjust insurance claims. To help them make these journeys in an efficient manner, VZP operates a fleet of company cars, which are pooled between all the employees and can be booked whenever someone needs to travel.

Until recently, VZP managed the cars locally, so each branch had its own system for coordinating reservations and managing fuel and maintenance expenses. This involved a large number of different spreadsheets at each branch. As a result, it was very difficult for the company to get an overview of car usage and ensure that everything was running efficiently.

Finding a solution
VZP wanted to centralise the management of its company car fleet, and began looking for a solution. The in-house IT team consulted Your System, an IBM Business Partner that had been its first-choice IT service and application provider for several years.

Your System has developed an application specifically for company car management, called Autoprovoz. It was already being used by another You System customer, and VZP was impressed by the results. The IT team saw that with a little modification, it would meet VZP’s needs precisely, so they asked Your System to start work on the implementation.

Leveraging IBM Lotus technologies
Autoprovoz is built on the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino platform. VZP was already using Lotus Notes and Domino to run an audit application, so the implementation of Autoprovoz was a comparatively low-cost project which helped them to maximise the value of their investment in Lotus technologies.

The Autoprovoz solution provides role-based access, enabling drivers to reserve vehicles and enter information about their business trips and expenses, while providing managers with a wide range of detailed reports about the usage of all company cars.

By creating a single system for all company car-related information, Autoprovoz makes life easier for everyone at VZP. The system provides accurate management information automatically, replacing a tedious manual process where managers had to collect and analyse spreadsheets from all the different branches.

Integration reduces manual effort
To manage fuel expenses VZP uses CCS, a card-based system which enables employees to purchase fuel at almost any service station in the Czech Republic. Autoprovoz is integrated with the CCS system, enabling the generation of reports on how much fuel each car and each driver consumes, and what price the fuel has been bought at – helping managers make more accurate budget forecasts.

The combination of the Autoprovoz application and the Lotus Notes and Domino platform provides a highly effective solution for company car management. With better visibility of who is using the cars, where they are driving to and how much fuel they are consuming, VZP managers can make better decisions about how to operate the service and maintain the cars, while employees can reserve cars and manage their travel expenses more effectively and without paperwork.

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