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Published on 31-May-2011

Validated on 15 Aug 2013

Institute For Applied Telemedicine


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IFAT is in charge of handling role based access as well as the access rights for the integrated telemedical systems. The Institute for Applied Telemedicine (IFAT) at the Heart and Diabetes Center NRW selected SVA Competence Center Health Care to implement a solution called medPower Telemedizin. SVA GmbH is an IBM Business Partner. Their solution is a modular structure based on a service oriented architecture and is designed for future growth because of its flexibility, adaptability and scalability.

Business need:
Telemedicine technology is gaining increasing attention as a way to improve the performance of health systems by reducing redundant medical tests, improving clinical decision making and enabling access to all levels of healthcare for a wide range of conditions—including heart and cerebrovascular disease and endocrine disorders such as diabetes.

The approach to implementing a smarter healthcare solution begins with the deliver of an instrumented, interconnected and intelligent solution. The instrumented solution includes the implementation of electronic medical records and a portal to access these records. An Interconnected solution is achieved by taking data from a variety of sources e.g. diagnostic imaging data (CT, angiography, etc.) or doctor’s letters of different doctors and aggregating the data to create electronic health records for each patient by using IBM middleware technology products.

Holistic view of health data; Integration of Telemonitoring; Flexible Processes; Quality Assurance and Performance Measurement


Smart is...doctors using data to monitor patients remotely

Interview with Heinrich Koertke, Director, Institute For Applied Telemedicine (IFAT) Heart & Diabetes Centre NRW

Products and services used

IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

System x: System x running Linux - Red Hat, System x: System x3650 M2

DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows, Lotus Forms Express, WebSphere Message Broker for Multiplatforms, WebSphere Portal Express, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli Federated Identity Manager, IBM Web Experience Factory

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