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Published on 28-Aug-2013

"IBM Tealeaf CEM solutions have become a safety blanket for our online business. The technology is engrained across our enterprise, from e-commerce to development and customer service. IBM Tealeaf solutions help ensure the most fulfilling browsing and buying experience for our customers." - Ewald Hoppen , Senior Web Analyst at wehkamp.nl



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Established in 1952, wehkamp.nl became a leader in The Netherlands’ catalog retail market by selling an array of consumer goods. The company launched its web presence in 1995, and now, wehkamp.nl sells over 163,000 products with $765 million in revenue and 122 million annual site visits. In fact, the online channel now accounts for all of its revenues.

Business need:
Optimizing conversions on its website is the number one priority for wehkamp.nl. In the highly competitive retail industry, customer struggle can affect bottom line revenues. Wehkamp.nl wanted a way to improve the online customer experience based on actual insights.

By implementing IBM Tealeaf CEM solutions, wehkamp.nl now has visibility into what customers are actually seeing and doing. This allows the retailer to diagnose and fix the problems that cause customer struggle.

With the help of IBM Tealeaf CEM solutions, wehkamp.nl is constantly finding areas of the site that can be optimized and this is generating business benefits. For example, eliminating a previously unknown payment error led to improved conversions and reduced calls to the contact center.

Case Study

Established in 1952, wehkamp.nl became a leader in The Netherlands’ catalog retail market by selling an array of consumer goods. The company launched its web presence in 1995, and now, wehkamp.nl sells over 163,000 products with $765 million in revenue and 122 million annual site visits. In fact, the online channel now accounts for all of its revenues.

wehkamp.nl uses IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions for unprecedented visibility into the company’s online channel. As a result, wehkamp.nl has significantly improved customer conversion, satisfaction and retention.

wehkamp.nl is a highly respected and well-known brand in The Netherlands. Trading since 1952, the catalog retailer ventured online in 1995 and quickly made the online channel the center of its business activity. The retailer, which sells products ranging from electronics to clothing and furniture, has become one of the most recognizable sites in The Netherlands.

Like most online retailers, wehkamp.nl faces a constant battle to ensure their site is reliable, functional and easy to use. To that end, improving customer conversion is vital to the continued success of the company, and with competitors only a click away, poor customer experiences can have disastrous long-term consequences.

To differentiate in a highly competitive retail environment, wehkamp.nl made the strategic decision to improve its online customer experience. While many sites provide similar products, wehkamp.nl realized that its competitors’ sites often did not provide an optimal customer experience. Thus, meeting this need better than their competitors would improve customer satisfaction, conversion and drive more revenue opportunities.


Improving the online customer experience initially posed a significant challenge for wehkamp.nl. Existing tools like web analytics only provided high-level metrics on data such as site traffic, and the value of this information diminished when trying to determine why customers abandoned a checkout process or left the site.

wehkamp.nl decided that the only way to truly understand its customers was through qualitative insights into online behavior. The difficulty was finding a solution that provided actionable information to help wehkamp.nl capitalize on their new strategic differentiator.

A better approach

To address this challenge, wehkamp.nl turned to IBM Tealeaf CEM because they provided the reporting capabilities of a web analytics solution while affording the ability to drill-down into the qualitative insights of real customer behavior. Now, instead of hypothesizing about site trends, wehkamp.nl uses the unique replay ability of IBM Tealeaf solutions (a page-by-page, browser-level recording of the actual customer experience) to quickly diagnose and fix the problems causing poor online experiences. With the help of IBM Tealeaf solutions, wehkamp.nl is continually finding areas of their site to optimize with astounding business benefits.

Win 1 – Insights gained from IBM Tealeaf solutions helped resolve a payment issue that improved conversion rates and reduced call volume to the customer service team.


wehkamp.nl provides multiple payment options to make it easier for customers to transact online. However, an application issue in the external payment system caused hundreds of orders to register without a return notification being sent to the company. As a result, funds were deducted from customers’ accounts without the orders ever arriving. Frustrated, many customers called the contact center to complain but wehkamp.nl was unable to pinpoint the cause of the problem and could not remedy the issue.


Watching the replay of customer sessions wehkamp.nl identified a pattern that had gone unnoticed in other tools. Customers that had triggered the payment error had all checked out using the same external payment method. Based on this information, wehkamp.nl was able to implement a back-end fix that resolved the problem.


With the help of IBM Tealeaf solutions, wehkamp.nl was able to improve conversion and stem the flow of disgruntled customers that called the contact center. Furthermore, because IBM Tealeaf solutions capture form field information, wehkamp.nl was able to identify products within customers’ shopping baskets and recreate their orders without causing further inconveniences.

Win 2 – IBM Tealeaf solutions improved the value of web analytics reporting by eliminating a browser issue that skewed data.


wehkamp.nl noticed that its web analytics reports appeared inaccurate for customers that used Firefox browsers. Specifically, orders were not properly tracked for Firefox users and this caused a discrepancy between corporate records and online reports. As a result, marketing decisions based on this information were potentially problematic given the inaccuracy of the data.


IBM Tealeaf solutions helped wehkamp.nl resolve the reporting discrepancy via an analysis of the Firefox segment of customers. After grouping the customers and reviewing sessions, it was clear that a JavaScript issue had caused the reporting error. Because web analytics relies so heavily on JavaScript data capture, the error had caused significant issues. With the problem identified using IBM Tealeaf solutions, adjustments were made to the back-end system and web analytics reporting returned to normal.


By increasing the accuracy of web analytics reporting to over 99 percent, wehkamp.nl was able to more effectively use the information to improve their marketing campaigns. In addition, triggers were established to alert the company of similar threats in the future.

Win 3 – IBM Tealeaf solutions enabled wehkamp.nl to monitor and resolve site usability issues in real-time.


Large e-commerce sites typically face more usability issues than their smaller counterparts. Numerous category, product and checkout pages provide a dynamic customer experience with many unique variables. Consequently, wehkamp.nl found it difficult to efficiently identify and resolve many unknown site issues.


With IBM Tealeaf solutions, wehkamp.nl is able to proactively monitor and react to site problems in real-time. From minor usability issues that degrade customer experiences over time (i.e. confusing error messages or misplaced form instructions) to significant issues that substantially impact conversion (e.g. checkout application failures). IBM Tealeaf solutions help wehkamp.nl to leave no customer experience stone unturned. In fact, wehkamp.nl was surprised by the sheer number of issues that had existed on the site prior to the implementation of IBM Tealeaf solutions.


wehkamp.nl is now able to turn unknown site issues into known commodities and resolve them more efficiently. The ability to maintain a large, dynamic site is now achievable with IBM Tealeaf solutions in place. IBM Tealeaf solutions help wehkamp.nl bring awareness to problems that are “in the margins” and improve customer conversion, satisfaction and retention.

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The IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Suite is an end-to-end, integrated set of capabilities designed exclusively for the needs of marketing organizations. Integrating and streamlining all aspects of marketing, IBM’s EMM Suite empowers organizations and individuals to turn their passion for marketing into valuable customer relationships and more profitable, efficient, timely, and measurable business outcomes.

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Over 2,500 organizations around the world use IBM EMM solutions to help manage the pressures of increasing marketing complexity while delivering improved revenue and measurable results. IBM’s time-tested and comprehensive offerings are giving companies such as Dannon, E*TRADE, ING, Orvis, PETCO, Telefonica | Vivo, United Airlines and wehkamp.nl the power and flexibility required to provide their customers and prospects with what they expect today – a more consistent and relevant experience across all channels.

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