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Paving the way: using employee surveys to lay the foundation for success

Published on 13-Feb-2014

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Transurban Group is a toll road owner and operator with interests in Australia and the United States. The group’s focus is on partnering with governments to deliver roads that meet community needs over the long-term. Transurban Group has been in business since 1996 and serves more than 5 million customers globally.

Business need:
Transurban wanted to accurately discover, glean and measure how employees felt about the customers they served, the different facets of their jobs and how they viewed the organization.

Transurban chose to work with Kenexa, an IBM Company, because of its reputation, expertise, partnership, consulting excellence and innovation in this area, together with its ability to link surveys to business results.

· Designed and implemented a survey on time and on budget · Provided clear and focused insight in away that will drive effective action · Dedicated more resources to improve communications with employees on a range of issues across the organization . Developed action plans in each unit geared to improving engagement and leading to better business outcomes

Case Study

Transurban Group is a toll road owner and operator with interests in Australia and the United States. The group’s focus is on partnering with governments to deliver roads that meet community needs over the long-term. Transurban Group has been in business since 1996 and serves more than 5 million customers globally. Website:

Each day, Transurban serves millions of people by providing safe, efficient routes to work, school and home. People who use roads managed by the Melbourne-based group include parents taking their children to school, commuters heading to work, thousands of tourists, and truck drivers who need to deliver goods on time.

Apart from direct contact with road users, Transurban continually works with government, community leaders and transport-focused organizations to help ensure roads are safe and meet the needs of the people they serve. The difference Transurban makes to individual people, the community and the economy is tremendous.

“Our customers cover a pretty broad spectrum,” says Troy McInnes, Human Resources Advisor at Transurban. “For instance, on any given day you could say everyone who lives in or visits one of the cities we serve could be a customer or stakeholder. How we manage the relationships with our customers is quite complex. Depending on who you talk to, you might get a different view of who they see as their customers or stakeholders, which makes it an interesting place to work.”

The challenge: customer-focused learning
Given the company’s vast scope and breadth, and the large number of customer and stakeholder groups it serves, Transurban’s people are absolutely critical to its performance. Numerous research has shown that a motivated, engaged, well-led and efficient workforce is more likely to deliver success – which is why Transurban decided it needed to understand how its employees felt. “We wanted to understand engagement, but we also wanted to understand our culture and how it relates to areas such as diversity and safety,” McInnes said.

Transurban had a short timeframe in which to select the appropriate survey, design it, implement it and develop action plans around its results to improve the business.

The solutions: finding a survey partner, not a vendor
Transurban chose to work with Kenexa, an IBM company, on its annual employee engagement survey. This was partly because of Kenexa’s reputation and expertise in this area, but principally because of the partnership that was established from a very early stage. It became clear that Kenexa would be able to focus the survey on highly business-relevant areas that would enable Transurban to understand and act upon performance critical opportunities. Kenexa’s innovation, client experience, research base and flexible consulting all assisted in these endeavors.

Kenexa’s consultants worked with Transurban’s human resource department and leaders from each of the different business units in the Group to create a survey that was well received by both managers and employees.

Kenexa designs its surveys to measure what matters most for each organization in order to improve business efficiency and effectiveness. Each survey is tailored to focus on key areas that are important to a specific company with the goal of creating a more engaged and productive workforce.

Kenexa has more experience conducting engagement surveys than virtually any other company, and maintains a three-year rolling database with more than 850 million employee responses – one of the largest of its type in the world.

Consultants use their expertise to design virtually the best survey tool to help meet any situation, and then help to evaluate and report on the results of the survey in a concise, easy-to-understand way that provides insight into how employees feel, what trends have emerged over time and external benchmarks. More importantly, clear links are made between the survey feedback and business strategy so that highly effective action can be taken. Kenexa also provides Human Resources (HR) professionals and managers with training sessions throughout the reporting and action-planning process to help ensure feedback is understood, ready to communicate and act upon.

The results: connecting a far-reaching company
The survey was a great success, with 80 percent of Transurban’s employees participating – a significant achievement in itself. It was important that clear links were made between survey feedback and business strategy so that highly effective action could be taken. Transurban also required Kenexa to provide manager training sessions throughout the reporting and action planning process to help ensure feedback would be understood and, consequently, acted upon.

The survey revealed that many of Transurban’s employees want to understand and be inspired by the vision for Transurban’s future and how it relates to them. They also wanted to feel more connected to other parts of the group – related to the fact that employees work in two states on Australia’s east coast as well as along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

But the survey also showed that Transurban’s employees have a strong desire to learn more about their customers and highlighted enormously strong relationships in the company that spanned across colleagues and leaders. The survey provided great insight into Transurban’s strong culture and focus on employee and customer safety.

Armed with survey feedback, senior leaders went to each business unit and talked about group and team results. Senior leaders delivered results to small groups of employees with conversations focused around areas of success and challenges, and how the organization would implement action-planning activities. This approach gave each employee a chance to discuss the results with senior executives from their business unit.
In addition to key actions taken by the senior leadership team, each group in Transurban was given the flexibility to create their own action plans. Leaders could access Kenexa’s online reporting tool to speed up communication and follow through.

“Employees now have a better understanding of what is happening across the organization,” McInnes said. “They have a desire to feel like a part of one company, and they want to know what we are doing for our customers and stakeholders in different cities. We now devote more resources to communicate this to our employees, helping them to feel part of the larger group.”

With the focus now on taking action, Transurban is well on its way to improving employee engagement – laying the foundation for continued success.

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