Travelocity speeds site problem resolution to recapture revenue

IBM Tealeaf software helps quickly identify site issues and improve the customer experience

Published on 24-Oct-2013

"You don’t have 20/20 vision without Tealeaf. The ability to go back and tie what customers saw to what they reported has helped us truly understand the problems customers face." - Satnam Singh VP of global data and analytics, Travelocity


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United States

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Headquartered in Texas, Travelocity is a global provider of consumer- direct travel services for leisure and business travelers. It markets and distributes travel-related products and services directly to individuals through

Business need:
Travelocity needed visibility into online customer struggles.

The company deployed IBM® Tealeaf® software to view recorded user sessions.

Travelocity recaptured USD1 million in revenue by diagnosing and resolving problems faster.

Case Study

Headquartered in Texas, Travelocity is a global provider of consumer- direct travel services for leisure and business travelers. It markets and distributes travel-related products and services directly to individuals through

Identifying and resolving website problems quickly is a priority for Travelocity, as the smallest technical glitch or poor process design can adversely affect the online experience for customers resulting in site abandonment, impeded bookings, and damage to the company’s brand. According to Satnam Singh, vice president of global data and analytics for Travelocity, “To deliver the type of online experience that our customers expect, we needed better visibility into what visitors really see and do on our site in order to identify underlying causes as quickly as possible.”

Travelocity deployed IBM Tealeaf software to better manage the digital customer experience. The solution records each customer session at the browser level, which allows the company to view problems at the source. Singh explains, “We can look at a replay of a specific session and quickly uncover the cause of the struggle. We then use this information to calculate the number of customers affected by the same issue and determine the business impact. Tealeaf has helped us identify complex issues that customers have a tough time describing, providing the necessary precision in our investigations and eliminating educated guesses.” For example, feedback about an error message began to trickle in from the company’s call center and from the online customer feedback tool.

“Customers were telling us about error messages they were receiving, but it wasn’t clear from their feedback what the actual problem was,” says Singh. “When we used Tealeaf to replay those customer sessions, we quickly saw that the system couldn’t process special characters entered by customers and was breaking the checkout process. The fix took about an hour, and conversion rates went up immediately. We estimate that USD1 million in revenue was recaptured by solving this problem as fast as we did. When you consider the damage that this type of event could do to your brand over time, Tealeaf pays for itself.”

Travelocity also uses the insights to better understand user behavior for improving site usability. Singh states, “We’re now able to use Tealeaf to drive better product design and get ahead of the game by understanding user intent, which is valuable to us for strengthening our offerings and creating new opportunities.”

• Recaptured USD1 million in revenue by quickly locating and resolving a systemic site problem to facilitate online bookings
• Reduced problem identification and resolution time from weeks to hours, achieving ROI in just three months
• Improved the online customer experience by addressing technical problems immediately and strengthening site design

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