Award-winning Banco República achieves new levels of customer care

IBM strategy and design services align IT and business needs for greater efficiency and insight

Published on 11-Dec-2012

"IBM provided us with an IT process framework and the support to strengthen our skills, manage expectations and improve customer satisfaction. We appreciate the benefits of this framework. It is an important part of our success." - Daniel García Azpíroz, chief information officer, Banco de República Oriental del Uruguay

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A leading financial institute in Uruguay achieves new levels of collaboration, customer care and capabilities to drive innovation through the consulting efforts of IBM Workplace Infrastructure Strategy and Design Services, resulting in faster product time to market and new revenue streams.

Business need:
Differing perceptions of business requirements, customer care needs and new product development between key departments lead Banco República to seek strategy and operations transformation guidance.

IBM Global Technology Services captured internal feedback, facilitated collaboration between teams and implemented a process framework to help increase customer focus and drive new product innovation.

Clearly defined roles and responsibilities, help the bank’s IT department meet internal customer expectations and provide external customer insights to help generate new revenue.

Case Study

In 1896, Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay (BROU) was established in Montevideo, Uruguay, as the country’s first state-run bank. Today, it is the country’s largest banking institution, boasting more than 130 branches and international offices in Sao Paulo, New York and Buenos Aires. The bank offers personal and commercial banking products and services, as well as a suite of financial products. BROU has been consistently recognized as a leader in the country of Uruguay, receiving numerous industry awards such as “Best Sustainable Financial Institution, Uruguay 2010”1; “Best Banking Group, Uruguay 2010, 2011 and 2012”2,3,4; and “Company of the Decade 2001–2010, Uruguay”5.


Behind the scenes of the trusted financial icon, a disconnect between the bank’s board of directors and technology leaders had slowed the institution’s ability to service the business and develop and deliver new financial products. The business development group envisioned new technologically driven products, services and business intelligence that would help the bank expand. The IT group viewed its work efforts as proactively providing new tools for this business expansion. Although each group had the best interests of the organization in mind, their efforts were not synchronized. BROU realized that it needed an intermediary to bring together the best intents of the business and IT groups and then formulate a business and technology strategy that would better serve the current and future customer care and insight needs of the banking institution.


BROU sought the advice of IBM® Global Technology Services® – Integrated Technology Services. Using its broad range of IT strategy and design experience, the IBM team created a customized consulting service based on an IBM Workplace Infrastructure Strategy and Design Services solution. This consulting service identifies business needs and then defines an IT environment that supports the company’s current and future requirements. IBM representatives interviewed the bank’s chief executive officer, board members and IT department representatives to outline perceived challenges and desired outcomes. The IBM team conducted workshops that included several groups covering all stakeholders to formulate a companywide technology strategy. The workshops helped break down the barriers between groups, resulting in the definition and prioritization of 16 areas of improvement to satisfy internal and external customer needs. Over 18 months, the bank streamlined its IT organization, creating a more customer-focused enterprise. Its customer care and insight initiatives produced a process framework for defining and prioritizing internal business requests; establishing service desk capabilities that standardize requests and reporting; and stringent planning, validation and test procedures for new products. The successful joint efforts led to improved internal relationships and improvements in customer service initiatives, capabilities for product development and revenue.

● Increased the percentage of successfully completed customer service calls from 50 percent to 80 percent in four months
● Improved IT management resulted in a greater understanding of user needs and priorities, higher satisfaction rates and enhanced planning capabilities
● Renewed relationships, creating a collaborative environment focused on the needs of internal and external customers

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