Bankdata/JN Data expands workload without increasing operating costs

Published on 07-Dec-2012

"The immediate productivity and workload management benefits delivered by DB2 10 for z/OS are very important to us, but just as important is the reduced system complexity, which makes ongoing maintenance much easier." - Frank Peterson, systems programmer, JN Data

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After acquiring the IT operations unit of Bankdata, JN Data had to manage both companies’ workloads. The organization upgraded to an IBM DB2 10 for z/OS data server to handle increased workload volumes and reduce any disruption caused by necessary changes to the database infrastructure.

Business need:
After acquiring the IT operations unit of Bankdata, JN Data needed to manage the workloads of both companies’ customer bases.

With its enhanced virtual storage constraint relief, the IBM DB2 10 for z/OS data server accommodates added workload without increasing the number of database subsystems.

JN Data scaled its workload management capability, assimilating Bankdata transactions and workloads while improving database management and administrator productivity.

Case Study

JN Data specializes in providing IT operations and engineering services to large Danish financial institutions. In 2010, the company acquired the IT operations unit of one of the largest IT developers in southern Denmark, Bankdata, which provides financial solutions to 15 Danish banks.

With the Bankdata acquisition, JN Data combined the workloads of both companies, effectively doubling the transaction and data volumes it needed to support. Over a two-year period, the organizations, both of which used an IBM® DB2® 9 for z/OS® data server before the acquisition, worked to integrate their IT processes and procedures and consolidate their database workloads. Moving forward, JN Data needed to assimilate the additional workload by upgrading its database infrastructure to ensure performance optimization without significantly increasing operational costs.

Concurrent with the workload consolidation project, JN Data chose to upgrade its database infrastructure to an IBM DB2 10 for z/OS data server. “We were looking for a way to handle the increased workload volumes the consolidation would bring while reducing any disruptive impact of the necessary changes we needed to make to the DB2 infrastructure,” says Frank Peterson, systems programmer for JN Data.

Although tackling two large-scale projects simultaneously may have placed considerable pressure on IT resources, Peterson felt the timing ultimately worked in his company’s favor. “DB2 10 came at a very good time for us, as it will allow us to better cope with the very large increase in volumes we’re about to experience.”

Easing the manageability of that workload increase is the DB2 10 for z/OS data server’s enhanced virtual storage constraint relief (VSCR), which allows JN Data to accommodate the additional workload without requiring an increase in the number of database subsystems within production data-sharing groups. “The enhanced online schema change capabilities made it easier for us to implement the physical design changes required by the merger, while minimizing the availability impact to our production workload,” says Peterson. “This increased concurrency during the DB2 catalog restructuring reduced the impact to our production workload compared to previous upgrades.”

· Increases operational efficiency, accommodating a 100 percent boost in workload volume with no increase in operational cost
· Eases the implementation of physical design changes to the database catalog while minimizing disruptions
· Reduces overall CPU requirements

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