An information services agency rapidly deploys new SOA-based solutions

IBM WebSphere and IBM Tivoli products provide core collaboration and security capabilities

Published on 20-Nov-2012

"We chose IBM products for this solution architecture because of the breadth and depth of both the Tivoli and the WebSphere brands. They were key to making this solution interoperable." - A software architect, IBM Business Partner

An information services agency


Service Oriented Architecture


This national information services agency is tasked with equipping its law enforcement, national security and intelligence community partners with up-to-date criminal justice information.

Business need:
Law enforcement organizations could not access applications and services developed by a national agency.

IBM WebSphere and IBM Tivoli products provide the core foundation of an SOA-based infrastructure.

The agency reduced the time it takes to develop and deploy software and services to law enforcement organizations nationwide.

Case Study

This national information services agency is tasked with equipping its law enforcement, national security and intelligence community partners with up-to-date criminal justice information.

The national information services agency maintains a repository of criminal data, such as fingerprints, that must be available to law enforcement professionals on a real-time basis. In addition, the agency develops and deploys software applications for law enforcement organizations nationwide. These widely dispersed organizations need centralized and secure access to the applications the agency develops, whether from a desktop or a police vehicle. Further, they need the ability to collaborate through these systems with other law enforcement agencies.

The agency’s projects were traditionally siloed, which hindered collaboration and code sharing among various organizations and projects and resulted in development duplication and delays. On the front lines, siloed applications required personnel to access the various systems and law enforcement applications through multiple accounts and logins, compromising security and response times.

Working with an IBM Business Partner, the agency developed a service-oriented architecture (SOA)-based enterprise infrastructure that facilitates its ability to share code and services among various application development projects and enables it to adopt much more agile processes and workflows. The services produced by the agency will be consumed internally, as well as by other agencies and organizations throughout the government that wish to use them for developing their own applications.

By using IBM® Tivoli® Security Policy Manager software along with a Tivoli-based access control system, the agency has an enhanced solution for security, which strengthens systemwide access control while facilitating compliance and support across the organization.

IBM WebSphere® Portal software provided access to a services hub that helps enable users to view services they are permitted to use and set a “favorites” list for accelerated access to frequently used services. Frontline law enforcement users benefit from rapid access to information from these applications and much more timely access to enhanced functionality. The agency plans to expand the solution in the near future by implementing IBM WebSphere DataPower®
Integration Blade XI50 SOA appliances to serve as the entry point to the internal network and provide additional security checks, along with IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository software, which will provide a repository for publishing services.

• Improves collaboration among law enforcement organizations, allowing law enforcement professionals to do their jobs more easily and quickly
• Accelerates development and deployment of functional enhancements and new applications
• Enhances systemwide security through robust access control methods

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