Edumate realizes its vision of continuous improvement

Automated daily testing reduces operational costs and improves product quality

Published on 18-Apr-2012

"Our product is being tested faster and more thoroughly, lowering our operational costs and better supporting our commitment to our users." - David Savill, chief technology officer, Edumate



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Edumate is an independent software vendor based in Australia that has created a web architected student learning and management systems for kindergarten to year 12 schools. The company’s vision is to create the world’s most comprehensive web-based student learning and management system. It was born out of sheer frustration that every student, regardless of individual strengths and weaknesses, was subject to the same syllabus and education regime. No stand-alone system existed that enabled profiling based purely on individual needs and abilities.

Business need:
As a provider of an advanced web-based educational system relied upon by K-12 students and schools, Edumate needs to rapidly release well-tested system enhancements and fixes

IBM and IBM Business Partner TestPro integrated the TestPro Automation Framework platform with IBM® Rational® Functional Tester software to automate testing of daily updates to the Edumate system.

The solution provides automation that reduces resource costs and time for test cycles while improving product quality. Plus, it promotes faster defect resolution.

Case Study

Achieving the vision

The Edumate philosophy is one of ongoing improvement. The all-encompassing objective is that every student should reach his or her full potential aided by a continuously developed and improved learning program. The company relentlessly pursues and actualizes this philosophy through continual research and development, and constant consultation with those who interact daily with students. The application is therefore under continual development using an agile approach, with system modules, including class schedules, student results, parent details, school communications and pastoral care, being enhanced and fixed on a daily basis.

The company strives to ensure that it is releasing well-tested products. To meet this need, David Savill, chief technology officer, Edumate, sought a way to automate the ongoing testing of Edumate enhancements. “Our testing was being conducted manually, with builds and tests performed ad hoc,” says Savill. “As suppliers of a web-based system which adapts rapidly to the changing needs of the education community, we needed to find a way to integrate product testing into our continuous release approach.”

Automating product testing

Edumate approached IBM, which then engaged IBM Business Partner TestPro, a leader in the field of software quality and testing throughout the development lifecycle. TestPro helped Edumate address its challenge by implementing the TestPro Automation Framework (TAF Pro) platform, which is integrated IBM Rational Functional Tester software. The TAF Pro platform enhances the features of Rational Functional Tester software via an agile development cycle.

After TestPro understood the Edumate business imperatives and development environment, TestPro helped the company integrate the TAF Pro platform to automate its test processes. Releases of Edumate software are built on a nightly basis and, on completion of each build, the release management environment initiates a regression test. Test results are available for review by Edumate developers the following morning. During the integration process, which involved constant review, TestPro also delivered a range of services, including ‘train the trainer’ sessions to educate and develop Edumate on the TAF Pro platform. TestPro also provided changes and enhancements to the TAF Pro platform to meet the specific development environment of Edumate.

Supporting continuous improvement

Edumate is experiencing a number of benefits that support its business vision of delivering continuous improvement to the educational experience. Edumate has reduced the cost of resources involved in test cycles by helping to increase productivity within its development team. Its new ability and capacity to conduct regular, automated testing across a greater range of test parameters has resulted in improved release quality and increased product performance.

As a result, Edumate has achieved a faster turnaround on defect resolution, leading to greater overall user satisfaction. And fewer product errors has reduced support costs, helping to free up the support team to work on new enhancements rather than fixing previous releases.

“Our product is being tested faster and more thoroughly, lowering our operational costs and better supporting our commitment to our users, students, parents and schools,” says Savill.

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