Weaving better collaboration among textile trading partners

Fiber Frontier uses IBM SmartCloud services to improve e-commerce transactions

Published on 14-Mar-2012

Validated on 28 Oct 2013

"The deployment made users think on their own about various methods and best management. We are changing into an organization in which each individual is thinking deeply. This is the biggest effect." - Susumu Tashiro, executive vice president and chief information officer, Fiber Frontier Co., Ltd.

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As part of Eitopia K. K., a holding company of Toray Industries, Inc., Fiber Frontier Co., Ltd. provides web-based business transactions at an electronic site designed to bring textile suppliers and sellers together.

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In the world of textiles, bringing global producers of raw materials together with buyers and linking finished products to the right sellers can be difficult and inefficient.

Fiber Frontier piloted IBM SmartCloud services, deploying secure file sharing, web meetings and email to 4,000 employees.

Employees moved beyond the basic framework to creatively use the solutions for simplifying customer management and sharing information more easily.

Case Study


Like many industries affected by the global financial crisis, the textile and apparel industry struggles with resources, shifting markets, surging prices and trade policy challenges. From the procurement of raw materials and supplies to global sales, the industry has few standard processes. As a result, Fiber Frontier created a member-based, electronic trading and sourcing site to help aggregate information, promote standardization and facilitate partnerships at all points in the supply chain.

The company did not seek to act as a clearinghouse for the thousands of quotes, orders and deliveries that might be generated. Instead, it sought to create a new business style for the future. However, Fiber Frontier needed a more cost-effective, less complex way to implement effective collaboration.

To boost collaboration internally, and eventually extend it to trading partners, Fiber Frontier needed an IT solution. The company’s chief information officer received a recommendation for the IBM SmartCloud™ (formerly LotusLive™) social business services from an outside specialist who had recently attended an IBM seminar. After reviewing the functionality, the company selected a suite of SmartCloud services for a 30-day pilot.

Employees experimented with the IBM SmartCloud Meetings application as a web meeting system, IBM SmartCloud Connections software as a secure file-sharing system and the IBM SmartCloud iNotes™ platform for basic email. As early adopters, the company worked closely with IBM to provide feedback on the solutions, and users were impressed with the level of support and interaction they received. In fact, throughout the trial, the company’s employees uncovered ways to increase the effectiveness of the solutions.

As a result, the SmartCloud services are now in full use at the company; one by one, Fiber Frontier has replaced existing systems with the cloud-based IBM solutions.

• Simplifies overall customer management and satisfaction by using the distribution list function for mailings
• Boosts employee productivity and collaboration with highly secure, near real-time information sharing
• Drives increased innovation and motivation throughout the organization as users challenge themselves to work more effectively

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To learn more about IBM SmartCloud for Social Business service offerings, contact your IBM sales representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit: ibmcloud.com/social

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