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Published on 08-Jan-2013

"Now I am able to come up here and leverage it to make my career, my life, my company, all these things so much better. I believe it is, it is a dream powered box. It gives people the power to dream." - David Birmingham, Senior Principal Consultant, Brightlight Consulting

Brightlight Consulting

Professional Services, Retail

Deployment country:
United States

PureData System for Analytics (powered by Netezza technology), Big Data, Data Warehouse

IBM Business Partner:
Brightlight Consulting


Brightlight Consulting is a legacy partner and reseller of Netezza technology and IBM Big Data products. Their strength in the market is apparent in both data warehousing and business intelligence. Over the years, Brightlight has delivered over 35 client engagements based on Netezza, and now PureData Systems. In addition, they have developed and documented significant best practices, frameworks and accelerators or Netezza technology based solutions.

Business need:
Brightlight gets data. They understand its origin and how an organization can use its data to derive value and business outcome. What their consultants have discovered most organizations today struggle with is the visualization of this data and how it pertains to each individual customer. It’s not just running fast queries, but rather, it’s about how they can make all that data relevant to their business, how they can use it to better compete in the market, detect fraud, improve customer satisfaction and overall, make more informed business decisions.

Brightlight’s clients are using their expertise and the PureData System for Analytics to enter into new markets, discover new opportunities and transform the way they do business. Brightlight has been using Netezza technology for years, and they understand that the technology supporting the PureData System is not just fast but it provides clients with the power needed to run the system hard. The value of this ability is that the analyst doesn’t need to do as many processes to get information from the data. In turn, he can be more creative and productive.

Brightlight has been an avid user and partner to Netezza technology, and their customers love it all the same, both valuing the simplicity of the box. “Amazing architecture” raves David Birmingham, who is a legacy Enzee Expert and fan of Netzza technology.


In order to offer better insight to large-scale retailers, Brightlight Consulting needed an analytics solution that could master the Big Data inherent to the retail industry. IBM PureData gave Brightlight faster queries than ever, allowing them to efficiently and simply process dozens of terabytes of data for better business intelligence.

Video Transcript

David Birmingham – Senior Consultant – Brightlight Consulting

All the data is running through the plumbing of their organization. Capturing that is one problem but actually you know crunching it around to make sense out of it and for that matter visualizing it completely different paradigm now so people want to see how data normally influences, what they’re going to do in a way of managing a risk that’s going to approach them, their competitors, how their competitors are behaving, how the competitors are not behaving?

We do decision support business intelligence. We help you get you better informed and then you can make an informed decision.

Retailers want to see the ability to maximize profits around the time that people are spending the most money.

What analytics tells you is when you need to be there and who you’re competing against and all these other things.

Human analyst is invaluable. But what they want to see is now that they have processed all the data, I want to automate it, so now the next guy doesn’t have to process again.

With the PureData System put the data in the box and you query the data, I’ll call it a fair game you know, there are no indexes and no overhead and you can do whatever you want.

I can build up whole data models that have dozens of terabytes, and I can tear them completely down in a day and I can take all that and I can refine all these relationships and all this data and now I have something I can work with.

That simplicity cannot be underrated. It is just amazingly simple to do very, very large scale things that in any other environment takes engineering, just to pull off.

And that’s what you get out of that, you know, out of that platform. It's amazing architecture.

You get such phenomenal lift off one of these boxes. It's doing things in a massively parallel form. All the queries are being handled with a high level of concurrency and it’s all very physical, so it’s leveraging deep physics on the box to get you what you want. It’s leveraging all that stuff just for you. It’s all, you got the full attention of that box for the duration of that query and that has a lot of power

What we see people doing are they’re thinking ahead of the curve and they’re saying, you know, this gives me the ability not only to do what I want to do now but to dream.

When you give somebody that power, that additional oomph they start to have these ideas that are just so amazingly out in front.

Now I am able to come up here and leverage it to make my career, my life, my company, all these things so much better. I believe it is, it is a dream powered box. It gives people the power to dream.

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PureData System for Analytics (powered by Netezza technology)

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