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iBasis Discusses the Benefits of Moving From Oracle to IBM Netezza

Published on 03-May-2012

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Deployment country:
United States

Data Warehouse, Smarter Computing


iBasis, a world-leading provider of international VoIP network services, uses IBM to run real-time, complex Call Detail Record (CDR) analyses on approximately 150 million transactions each day.

Business need:
iBasis faced two problems: handling the scale of the data warehouse, and pushing data into the data warehouse. iBasis’ call volumes and data analysis needs were growing by 30-40% each year, and the existing Oracle infrastructure struggled with performance and tuning requirements.

After engaging Netezza in a proof of concept which revealed performance gains of 125 times faster, iBasis decided to deploy the Netezza appliance to analyze call detail records (CDR) and perform operational BI.

Complex CDR analyses on 150M records in real time; Analyses reduced from hours/days to seconds; Scalability to accommodate 30-40 percent annual call volume growth; Single source of information to meet enterprise-wide demands; Administrative savings - redeployment of two full-time employees.


iBasis chose to move to an IBM Netezza Data Warehouse Appliance after their legacy Oracle environment could not accommodate the various needs of its different organizational users. In this video, Mark Saponar, VP of Information Systems at iBasis, discusses how Netezza has shown them a completely different approach to information.

Video Transcript

Mark Saponar, VP of Information Systems at iBasis,:

We are #2 and #3 in the world in international voice traffic.

The differences between our previous data warehouse and our current Netezza-based environment is uncomparable. We’re talking not only apples and oranges, we’re talking completely different approach to information.

I heard about all of them including latest Oracle Database Machine. It’s interesting to see how it will play out. I didn’t see anything revolutionized, which actually will make any specific changes to our strategy, and how we’re going to go forward. I think it’s a very good solution for those that don’t know better. But the moment you start looking at DATAllegro, Teradata or Netezza, you’re talking about different scale and definitely the ease of use, scalability, the ability to get better data, better size databases in small data centers and the ability to expand as much as you can on Netezza. I think it’s still significantly better than what Oracle has to offer today.
I’m sure they will improve, but I need it now and not in 2 year's time.

Products and services used

IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

IBM Netezza 100, IBM Netezza 1000

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