Tier 1 Mobile Service Provider

Transforms call centers with real-time access to customer and product data

Published on 27-Jun-2013

Tier 1 Mobile Service Provider


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As call center agents speak with customers, they often must use multiple applications to look up relevant information and resolve customer issues. It often leads to higher than necessary call handling times, increased costs, and customer satisfaction issues. For a tier 1 mobile service provider, a new product knowledge hub, built on IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer, is transforming call center operations and improving customer satisfaction.

Business need:
Create a consolidated product knowledge hub to provide call center agents with relevant information regardless of source.

The tier 1 mobile service provider used IBM® InfoSphere® Data Explorer to index large device manuals from multiple vendors and create digestible chunks of information (sub-documents) on topics that call center agents can use to solve customer issues.

Targeted information chunks from the central knowledge management application are combined with information from other sources. The document index serves as a consolidated product knowledge hub.

The solution helps over 40,000 call center agents to resolve customer issues faster and more reliably, resulting in lower average handling time (AHT) and improved customer satisfaction. The service provider also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in manually segmenting and processing information.

Case Study

With greater access to relevant, real-time information, agents are more efficient and achieve a higher quality of service. The service provider estimated that every second shaved off the average handling time (AHT) results in millions of dollars in cost savings for call center operations.

This tier 1 mobile service provider has operations in the United States and all over the globe. They service millions of subscribers with 4G and 3G wireless voice, messaging and data products and services.

Multiple search systems and interfaces needed to get the relevant information

As call center agents spoke with the subscribers, they were using multiple applications to look up relevant information as they could not find the precise information needed to resolve the customer issue in a single system. The applications and data sources used were Omniture (Adobe), Drupal, Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) and external web pages.

The service provider wanted to reduce the average handling time (AHT) for calls by providing relevant information faster in a single integrated interface for the call center agents to lower costs and increase customer satisfaction.

High cost of preparing content for use by contact and call center agents

Content preparation was performed by six full-time equivalent staff (FTEs) who were manually segmenting information from large device manuals into digestible chunks for the call center agents to view. The service provider was spending USD1.1 million on this activity.

Creating the product knowledge hub with InfoSphere Data Explorer

IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer professionals met with the client to rapidly assess the business needs across multiple functions and departments. IBM team members partnered with key stakeholders to better understand various goals and gain a sense of timing to fulfill an urgent business need. The critical production delivery window in support of peak call volume required a rapid deployment strategy.

The team configured three complex data sources and implemented three discrete user interface (UI) displays in support of those data sources. The move to production successfully met the client’s business case in time for peak call volume during Black Friday shopping. Large device manuals were automatically segmented into multiple sub-documents dynamically within the index and tagged for ease of search and navigation.

InfoSphere Data Explorer also indexed multiple information sources, including Oracle UCM, Drupal, external web pages and Microsoft SQL Server instances, to provide additional information for call center agents. The product knowledge hub was integrated with a knowledge management application and the application was rolled out to over 40,000 call center agents.

Delivering relevant information faster for call center representatives

Today, call center agents do not answer any inbound calls without first logging into InfoSphere Data Explorer and assuming one of the approved roles as assigned by their supervisors. Agents only provide answers that they retrieve directly from the knowledge management application powered by the product knowledge hub.

With greater access to relevant, real-time information, agents are more efficient and achieve a higher quality of service. The service provider estimated that every second shaved off the average handling time (AHT) results in millions of dollars in cost savings for call center operations.

Automating content preparation for call center representatives

InfoSphere Data Explorer has automated the content preparation for call center usage. The service provider expects significant cost savings by re-deploying the six full-time employees, who were previously focused on manually segmenting large device manuals. InfoSphere Data Explorer produces content faster and with greater accuracy than the manual processes.

Future plans

The product knowledge hub, powered by InfoSphere Data Explorer software, is being integrated with other data sources, such as Blackberry World and Apple App Store, to support federated search.

The service provider is also considering deploying InfoSphere Data Explorer to meet information optimization needs of other departments, such as Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology (IT).

Solution components
● IBM® InfoSphere® Data Explorer

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