IBM’s mobile technology improves construction management at VCC

Mobile information access and collaboration expedite projects and improve quality

Published on 17-Sep-2013

"Everyone on a project has to collaborate and access the same information, and then make decisions using that information. Connected mobile devices are a powerful tool for improving the speed and accuracy of our decision-making process." - Jerry Horani, Chief Technology Officer, VCC


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United States

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VCC, LLC is a general contracting and construction management firm with experience working in all 50 US states.

Business need:
Managing construction projects requires intensive information management and collaboration, so VCC sought to mobilize its management software and collaboration technology.

VCC used IBM® XPages technology to mobilize its Endeavour construction management system, while IBM Notes® Traveler and IBM Sametime® software provided mobile communications and collaboration.

VCC improved business process speed and accuracy and enhanced collaborative capabilities.

Case Study

VCC, LLC is a general contracting and construction management firm with experience working in all 50 US states. With more than USD6 billion in construction projects and eight national and international locations, VCC, LLC’s expertise ranges from retail construction to multifamily, hospitality, office, healthcare, educational, government and more. The 300-employee firm is headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Managing construction projects is an information-intensive process requiring effective collaboration among staff at remote sites. Long a satisfied user of IBM software for communications, collaboration and application development, VCC had developed a construction management system called Endeavour based on IBM Notes and Domino® software. To make it more useful, VCC needed to mobilize it. In addition, employees would benefit from mobile email, scheduling and contacts, as well as mobile instant messaging (IM), online presence awareness and web conferences.

“Everyone on a project has to collaborate and access the same information, and then make decisions using that information,” says Jerry Horani, chief technology officer at VCC. “Connected mobile devices are a powerful tool for improving the speed and accuracy of our decision-making process.”

Criteria for the mobile solutions were security of corporate information, strong mobile collaboration features, and support for Android smartphones, iOS tablets and PC laptops that the company provided to employees.

To meet these criteria, VCC used IBM’s mobile technology and apps across the board. VCC had revised the Endeavour system to support IBM XPages technology, a development platform that makes it easy to create web and mobile apps. Thus VCC’s first mobile app, deployed in 2012, was the Endeavour system’s mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

Next, VCC mobilized email, scheduling and contact management using IBM Notes Traveler software, push email software available at no charge to IBM Notes software users. IBM Sametime social communications software provided IM and presence awareness, with the possibility of adding web and video conferencing later.

The results have been highly positive. Approximately 90 percent of VCC's staff now access company information from a mobile device. Security is robust and business processes have accelerated. As an example, Horani points to the need for fast approvals on invoices and purchase orders. Real-time information from the Endeavour mobile app allows staff to process information three to four times faster than before.

Moving forward, Horani is adding mobile capabilities for file sharing, communications and social networking. These will be provided by IBM Connections social business software, recently tested prior to general rollout. In addition, subcontractors and partners will be able to access their Endeavour portal from mobile devices.

· Provides continued confidence in the security of corporate information accessed from mobile devices
· Accelerated business processes—up to three to four times faster—due anywhere-anytime access to real-time information.
· Enhances the efficiency and accuracy of decision making from superior collaboration capabilities

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