IBM Business Partner TemboSocial Inc. works to socialize platforms

IBM Connections software streamlines social recognition programs that improve employee satisfaction

Published on 05-Aug-2013

"We wanted to create a solution that would help all IBM Connections customers build meaningful relationships while driving sustained adoption of social business platforms." - Steve Green, president and chief executive officer, TemboSocial Inc.

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IBM Business Partner TemboSocial Inc. is a leading provider of interactive engagement and community building solutions.

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Finding a meaningful method to educate, inform and drive employees to action while providing value to an organization is not always simple.

TemboSocial Inc. modified its existing social recognition solution to run on IBM® Connections software so that it could take advantage of the platform’s easy integration capabilities.

Employees now have a place to connect with others for support, assistance and recognition, creating more intuitive relationships within the workplace.

Case Study

IBM Business Partner TemboSocial Inc. is a leading provider of interactive engagement and community building solutions. Headquartered in Toronto and employing 50 specialists, the firm has a suite of tools to foster collaboration, conversation and recognition among employees, customers and prospects.

TemboSocial saw a gap in the market when it noticed that peer reward and recognition programs were stagnant. With companies spending billions of dollars annually on expensive programs, employees still did not feel recognized, which hampered personnel retention and talent acquisition efforts. Companies strove to adopt social business platforms and looked for meaningful programs to engage employees. But most recognition and reward programs highlight only the most sensational stories of employee deeds, which are not necessarily repeatable or relatable in everyday life. TemboSocial realized a need for a peer recognition program that would help employees tell smaller stories and highlight behaviors or tasks that others could emulate and adopt into their daily routines.

To close the gap, TemboSocial created The Hive, a nonmonetary social recognition system that changes what motivates employees and celebrates company success while reinforcing corporate culture and values. Celebrating the small stuff makes a big difference by focusing on actions employees take to make a customer experience extraordinary and highlighting them for others to see and say “that’s something I could do tomorrow.”

The Hive solution was available on multiple platforms, but TD Bank, a TemboSocial and IBM Connections software client, saw opportunity for improvement. The bank asked TemboSocial to replace its manual, Internet-based version of The Hive solution with a version created for its newly implemented Connections platform. This opportunity opened the door for TemboSocial to transform The Hive solution into a more customizable tool that would integrate quickly and easily into existing infrastructures while providing a feature set that would help sustain social platform adoption over months or even years.

TemboSocial implemented The Hive social recognition tool on Connections software to take advantage of the platform’s easy integration capabilities. The platform’s customization and integration features automate the reward and recognition program, making it easier to use and bringing appreciation into employees’ day-to-day business experiences. Network, profile and community pages display success stories, helping foster relationships and knowledge sharing. This exposure helps drive employee engagement within social platforms and has helped TD Bank maintain its long-standing reign as a J.D. Power and Associates award winner for best customer service. The Hive solution on Connections software helps streamline daily operations and improve employee satisfaction, and the partnership with IBM opens a new market sector for TemboSocial and The Hive solution.

· Creates a new community at TD Bank for 50,000 employees, with more than 320,000 success stories shared daily
· Provides meaningful, searchable content and keeps people involved
· Ties into core business processes and promotes corporate values

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