An international airport

Establishing near-seamless integration between heterogeneous systems

Published on 09-Jul-2013

An international airport

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This airport serves as the primary civilian aviation hub in its region.

Business need:
An international airport needed to build a flexible, integrated IT infrastructure so it could access and share information in real time across many disparate hardware and software systems.

Using IBM® WebSphere® software, the airport established a shared integration layer between its systems that helps enable heterogeneous systems to more easily share different types of data.

The airport gained a more flexible infrastructure along with the ability to share and access information in near-real time.

Case Study

This airport serves as the primary civilian aviation hub in its region.

The airport had an inflexible and heterogeneous infrastructure. Rapid changes in government regulations with an increasing volume of passengers prompted the airport to seek a more flexible IT infrastructure with more tightly integrated systems. In addition, the airport wanted to be able to access and share information in real time across many disparate hardware and software systems.

To address its needs, the airport worked with IBM to implement the Interface Message Broker solution. Based on IBM® Integration Bus (formerly known as IBM WebSphere® Message Broker), IBM WebSphere MQ and IBM WebSphere Process Server software, the solution helped the airport establish a shared integration layer. This layer allows the automation of various business processes and provides a near-seamless flow of multiple types of data between heterogeneous systems, capitalizing on complex transformation and routing capabilities and providing a robust messaging infrastructure.

The Interface Message Broker solution also helped enable the airport to easily access important information, such as flight schedule changes, from multiple systems. Further, the airport authority now can flexibly integrate new systems to accommodate evolving government regulations. Through performance testing, the airport also anticipates that the solution will be able to scale to accommodate 300 percent growth.

• Provides greater flexibility, making it easier to keep up with changing regulations
• Helps enable access to information in near-real time, improving efficiency
• Facilitates staff’s ability to deliver better-quality service to customers

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WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere Message Broker for Multiplatforms

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