Avea cuts deployment time from four hours to ten minutes

The company eliminates separate, disparate tools by standardizing on IBM Rational software

Published on 26-Sep-2012

"Rational products give us an end-to-end solution, because Rational has dedicated solutions for specific domains in the software development lifecycle" - Tansu Dasli, middleware development manager, Avea



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Founded in 2004, Avea is a mobile communications company offering Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) services. Based in Turkey, the company has approximately 3,000 employees and a customer base of 12.8 million, comprising 98 percent of the population in Turkey. Avea currently has roaming agreements with 644 operators in 197 countries, and it continues to expand its reach through new partnerships as well as ongoing investments in technology and infrastructure.

Business need:
Avea wanted to improve its time to market and increase software quality by implementing a standard set of integrated development tools for the entire organization.

Avea standardized on IBM Rational Requirements Composer and IBM Rational Team Concert software, helping eliminate the issues caused by separate, disparate development tools.

Using the Rational products, Avea decreased versioning and deployment problems by approximately 30 percent and decreased deployment time for middleware services from four hours to ten minutes.

Case Study

Addressing issues caused by disparate development tools

To help support its rapid growth, Avea wanted to improve its software development processes. The company, which was formed through a merger, had a number of separate, disparate software development lifecycle applications in place. Because of this, Avea had a number of challenges that it wished to address, including:
- Siloed documentation
- Separate, non-standard code repositories for each team
- Lack of traceability due to separate task management and code management systems

Avea wanted to improve its time to market and increase the software quality for its mobile communications applications by implementing a standard set of integrated development tools for the entire organization. “We needed standardization for the implementation process and needed to establish a discipline for software development lifecycle processes, and especially for the release management and release planning processes,” says Tansu Dasli, middleware development manager, Avea.

Incrementally implementing effective ALM capabilities
Avea standardized on effective application lifecycle management (ALM) capabilities provided by IBM® Rational® Requirements Composer and IBM Rational Team Concert™ software. The company selected IBM for several reasons. “One of the most important is that IBM has end-to-end solutions and products for the software development lifecycle domain,” says Dasli. Avea was also impressed by the strong IBM consultancy services and support. Finally, the company chose IBM because of its broad application portfolio. “IBM has visionary products for the next steps,” says Dasli. “We are thinking of the software development lifecycle as a step and pre-requirement for the next visionary steps. For example, we can potentially expand into governance and enterprise architecture solutions. IBM has visionary products in Rational and in the WebSphere and the InfoSphere domains.”

Avea uses Rational Requirement Composer at the project and product levels. The application helps the company define its software requirements in the early phases of the software development lifecycle. Then, after creating products, Avea uses the application to create its product documentation. The company uses Rational Team Concert software as a standard, centralized code repository, and for managing tasks, builds, releases and release planning. “Rational products give us an end-to-end solution, because Rational has dedicated solutions for specific domains in the software development lifecycle,” says Dasli.

Improving traceability, build processes and documentation quality
By combining task and build management in a single system, Avea established greater traceability. “What Rational Team Concert brings us is task management, code management and build management all together. So when the developers modify code, we know who touched the code and why, and who requested the modification,” says Dasli. Having a centralized code repository has also helped the company decrease deployment and versioning problems. “Using the Rational lifecycle products, actually we decreased versioning and deployment problems by approximately 30 percent,” says Dasli.

The Rational solution has also helped the company reduce build problems and decrease the amount of time required to create builds. The build engine bundled in Rational Team Concert software helped Avea decrease the time required to deploy middleware services from four hours to ten minutes. Deployment quality has also improved. Finally, using Rational Requirements Composer software, Avea increased documentation quality by 90 percent for middleware services.

All of these improvements have helped the company deliver higher quality software more quickly, which is essential in the fast-paced mobile communications marketplace. “So in a GSM company, the market is very speedy, so you have to be fast, you have to deliver high quality, you have to make it perfect,” says Dasli.

IBM and collaborative lifecycle management
Rational Requirements Composer and Rational Team Concert are part of the IBM Rational solution for collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) along with Rational Quality Manager software. CLM is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution that can be optimized for agile or traditional teams to help accelerate innovation and speed to market. This solution is built on the IBM Jazz™ platform and allows organizations to unify teams and multiple platforms. CLM integrates with IBM Rational Software Architect and IBM Rational Software Architect Design Manager software to involve stakeholders from across the organization and beyond in the design process.

For more information
To learn more about IBM Rational software, please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner, or visit the following website: ibm.com/rational, or : http://www-01.ibm.com/software/rational/solutions/telecom/

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Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Team Concert

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