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Published on 27-Sep-2013

"With IBM XIV enabling fast provisioning of high-performance storage for our development environments, we are well placed to develop the modern banking services we need to attract business from new domestic markets." - Tunç Bergsan, CIO, Anadolubank



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With 110 branches and more than 2,000 employees, Anadolubank is one of the best-performing commercial banks in Turkey. Headquartered in Istanbul, Anadolubank specializes in providing services to SMEs.

Business need:
Anadolubank wanted to expand out of its traditional markets in the energy, utility and agricultural sectors to benefit fully from growth in the Turkish economy. To win new business, the bank needed to enhance its competitiveness by developing new services via alternate delivery channels such as mobile and internet banking, but non-virtualized storage meant development environments took weeks to provision.

Working with IBM, the bank implemented asynchronously mirrored IBM® XIV® Gen3 Storage Systems, configured with its existing System x®3850 class servers in a private cloud using VMware virtualization software. The highly parallelized and virtualized XIV architecture ensures storage is no longer a bottleneck in bringing new applications to market at high speed.

Accelerates storage provisioning by 94 percent — shrinking development cycles. Enhances competitiveness by supporting rapid development of new services such as mobile and internet banking. Enables 93 percent improvement in write latency — reducing the business risk of incomplete back-up cycles.


Turkey-based Anadolubank deployed IBM XIV Storage System in a private cloud configuration - enabling fast provisioning of new development environments. The solution supports the rapid deployment of new banking services required to win new business customers and meet growth objectives.

Video Transcript

Anadolubank is a retail bank speacializing in small to medium enterprises offering a wide range of financial services. It is the top-performing Turkish bank in return on equity, return on assets and more.

Tunc Bergsan - We are a bank with a staff of 2,000. We support the SMEs with retail banking, corporate banking, and other services.

Orhan Bayrak - The priority of Anadolu Bank is subtainability...sustainability of business. At the same time, performance, high up-time levels in the systems. We execute international and domestic funds transfers through applications such as Swift, EFT. They are inseparable and they must operate without any interruptions, when it comes to bank operations. When “Bank IT” is disconnected, your whole POS and credit card processes stop. Your investment finance application stops.

Tunc Bergsan - Before XIV, we had some experiences, bad experiences pushing us to procure a new storage system. And at that time, we looked at the market. We saw different solutions. We created our test philosophy. What we expect from such a storage: Performance, robustness, continuity, easily manageable. We also tested hardware failures.

Orhan Bayrak - We unmounted a disk and then plugged in another disk with no data in it. And then, in just 10 minutes, the new disk was operating, having adopted all the data in it. We tested all criteria such as power redundancy, UPS redundancy, disk capability, shelf capability.

Tunc Bergsan - We could not fail the data structure.

Orhan Bayrak - And we hosted the data of Anadolubank from the disaster center on a real-time basis for two days.

Tunc Bergsan - It has its own replication algorithm, it compresses data. That was the only solution to manage that high level of IO volume to replicate to a such a far away disaster site. XIV gained our confidence and without any doubt.

Orhan Bayrak - In the past, taking a 30 GB Snapshot used to take 20-30 minutes while it decreased to two minutes after introduction of XIV. The read-write latency used to be between 60 and 80 miliseconds on the previous system and now it’s just around 2 miliseconds.

Tunc Bergsan - We have a corporate strategy of multi-vendoring, but you’ll see that most of the machines we have are IBM. This is not something we planned on purpose.

Orhan Bayrak - The number of servers we manage is between 450 and 500. These servers are operating on System x3850 servers on a virtual system and is positioned on the section below, IBM XIV, which has high IOPS value.
Tunc Bergsan - This virtualized solution together with XIV and VMware on IBM x Series machines; a private ‘cloud’ we can so easily manage, we can forget about what’s going on behind. We have no problems in replication, no problems in management, no problems in performance. If I have to buy another system right now, I will choose it again.

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