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Published on 10-Oct-2011

"We selected IBM XIV Storage System as the key enabler for the whole cloud concept. It allows us to get all the flexibility advantages of virtualization without any performance issues: XIV and VMware fit perfectly together." - Scott Regier, Senior Infrastructure Analyst, EllisDon


Construction / Architecture / Engineering

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Business Resiliency, Cloud Computing, High Availability , IT/infrastructure, Optimizing IT, Virtualization


EllisDon is an employee-owned company, founded in London, Ontario in 1951 and has grown to become a major international firm completing more than US$2 billion dollars in new construction projects annually, with approximately US$5 billion in construction projects underway. With its executive offices in Mississauga, Ontario and regional offices across Canada and in the United States and UAE, EllisDon provides services in Construction Management, Project Management, Design Build, Public-Private Partnerships (P3) and General Contracting.

Business need:
The IT infrastructure at EllisDon was costly, difficult to manage, and was failing to keep pace with rapid business growth, causing lost productivity due to performance bottlenecks and service degradation.

Worked with IBM to deploy a private cloud solution comprising IBM System x® servers running VMware vSphere virtualization technology, with virtualized data storage on IBM XIV® Storage System.

Worked with IBM to deploy a private cloud solution comprising IBM System x® servers running VMware vSphere virtualization technology, with virtualized data storage on IBM XIV® Storage System.


Video Transcript


Joe Jagodich, Vice President and CIO, EllisDon

EllisDon is a global, general construction company. We have 1,200 employees and all of these people need access to our environment and to the information that is available for them to see.

Overseas we are heavily involved in project management. Dubai, if you look at all the building construction going on in Dubai, you will find EllisDon project managers involved in that. A couple of the major projects that we’ve been involved in: Rogers Centre, it was formerly called the SkyDome, was a catalyst in moving our business forward.

The network and the storage and the software has to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week with no downtime. The management of the previous subsystem was difficult. We weren’t able to get the information we needed for future growth.


Scott Regier, Senior Infrastructure Analyst, EllisDon

We had capacity issues. We had performance issues. We had growth issues. We had bottlenecks.


Joe Jagodich

The reality of the situation is that we are a construction company and not an insurance company or a bank. We needed to find some way of getting good technology at a fair price.


Scott Regier

So we implemented two IBM-XIV storage systems.


Joe Jagodich

I thought this thing would take weeks, with multiple downtimes; we didn’t have any outages, no impact on availability, no impact on performance.


Scott Regier

We have 30 Tb in our production environment and we migrated that in less than three days over to the new XIV system. Some of the administration tasks that I had in my previous system would take me days to do. Now, with the XIV system, it takes me minutes to accomplish the same tasks.

Provisioning new storage, managing existing storage, being able to do copies of the existing data, all of that has been much easier with the XIV. We implement Microsoft’s Windows servers as well as VMware and Red Hat enterprise Linux. Some of our business applications are IBM Lotus Notes, which is our main mailbox collaboration tool, Sametime, as well as we use Lotus Notes Domino environment. By tying in the virtualization and the XIV together we do not see a performance hit in virtualization. It gives us the ability to add servers a lot quicker, a lot faster than we used to.


Joe Jagodich

What we are doing with our internal clients is we are making our construction management application and we are making it available to external general contractors who don’t have the IT budget necessarily or the skillset to have an in-house application running on a client-server environment of their own. We provide them with the ability to come into our internal cloud and store their data for them.

And that data that we’re storing for the external clouds are properly secured on the XIV system. As we’re moving forward, we are introducing business information modeling that takes 3-dimensional figures and representations and it is now becoming almost a de facto standard in how we do business.


Scott Regier

So we implanted a 66TB solution in London, which is twice the capacity that we had. We saw a 50 percent reduction in power consumption.

When we add capacity, it increases performance, unlike our previous system, where if you add capacity it decreases performance. If you’re considering a new storage system for your company, consider the XIV. It is a phenomenal piece of technology that has proven to EllisDon that we made the right choices.


Joe Jagodich

I’m thinking this is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in quite a long time.

Products and services used

IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Storage: XIV, System x: System x running hypervisor - VMware

DB2 for Linux, Lotus Notes

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