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Published on 14-Sep-2011

"Storage virtualization has provided us with better speed, enhanced performance, and virtually unlimited capacity. An intuitive, centralized information management system has enabled Credicitrus to expand, and easily manage an ever-increasing volume of customer data." - Geisel Gomes, Technical Support Analyst, Sicoob Credicitrus

Sicoob Credicitrus


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Energy Efficiency, Information Integration, Infrastructure Simplification, Virtualization, Virtualization - Storage

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Headquartered in Sao Paulo state, Cooperativa de Crédito Credicitrus - Sicoob Credicitrus is the largest credit cooperative in Brazil. Providing a wealth of financial services and advice, it serves over 44,000 cooperative members through a network of more than 45 branches also known as PACs (Cooperative Service Points). A fundamental tenet of the organization is to provide customers with a sustainable, first-rate service. This principle is a significant factor contributing to the recent, rapid organic growth of the company.

Business need:
Sicoob Credicitrus needed to modernize its information management system in order to cope with increasing data volumes and continue providing an excellent quality of service to its expanding customer-base.

IBM partnered with Sicoob Credicitrus to implement an IBM® Storwize® V7000 virtualized data storage solution, making use of thin provisioning to maximize efficiency savings and reduce future IT expenditure.

Improved utilization by 30 percent; centralized and simplified management of storage; enabled reuse of existing storage hardware.


Facing business expansion and diversification, Sicoob Credicitrus needed a scalable, easy-to-manage storage solution. The organization deployed two IBM Storwize V7000 systems, adding capacity and virtualizing existing storage resources to achieve 30 percent better utilization of disk space.

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