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Published on 22-Jun-2011

Validated on 05 Dec 2012

"We carefully tested and compared several high-end storage arrays from different vendors, and our tests showed that the IBM XIV Storage System had the best architecture, scalability and security performance." - Li Jian Hui, Director of the Computer Network Information Center at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Chinese Academy of Sciences (Video)


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Technical Computing, IT/infrastructure, Business Resiliency, Cloud Computing, General Parallel File System (GPFS), High Availability , Optimizing IT


Founded in 1949, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is the chief scientific institution of the State Council of China, and serves as a national hub for scientific innovation. A well-known and respected entity, the Academy is a driving force in the ongoing reform of China’s national scientific and technological systems. Based in Beijing, with 1,000 field stations across the country, it has a workforce of more than 50,000 individuals.

Business need:
With data growth rates exceeding the CAS’ ability to manage critical information, the Academy required a solution that would support present and future storage requirements with performance and reliability while also lowering costs.

With the help of IBM, the CAS created a cloud storage solution featuring the IBM® XIV® Storage System, IBM Scale Out File Services, IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager, IBM Power Systems™ servers and IBM System x® servers

High storage availability and performance; powerful scalability; easy management, for optimal price-performance ratio; improved productivity for scientists; ability to launch new services rapidly.


The Chinese Academy of Sciences has created a cloud storage solution featuring an IBM XIV Storage System and IBM Scale out File Services. The solution combines high I/O performance and availability with easy management and low total cost of ownership.

Video Transcript

Li Jian Hui

Director of Science Data Center
Computer Network Information Center
Chinese Academy of Sciences

The institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have accumulated massive scientific data in our everyday research.

We needed to build an environment to preserve and process this data. We call it the Scientific Data Resource Center.

The major function of the Resource Center is to provide a public environment to preserve the massive data for all scientific researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

This center should also create an environment for sharing data among our scientists.

We needed an environment in which scientists could process and analyze massive data, to build an environment of tape library and library mirroring to store and file data for long periods of time.

Different data types can be processed in this environment to integrate them into one system.

The storage capacity of this environment amounts to 6PB and includes high-end online disk arrays, middle-end mirrored disk arrays and tape libraries.

In terms of our requirements, we hoped for a high-end online system that had good performance in data protection and reliability. And particularly, we hoped that it could be easily managed because we are aware that many high-end online arrays are very difficult to configure and manage.

Meanwhile, we hoped that this system would have a good I/O performance because we have a lot of database applications that require high I/O performance.

In regard to external storage as well as data storage and filing, we hoped that this system could address our strategies, conduct data migration, and import and export automatically and seamlessly.

We also hoped that this system would meet our basic needs of data storage.

Given these considerations, we researched and tested the high-end arrays of many manufacturers.

We chose the IBM XIV Storage System for the following considerations:
First, the IBM XIV System has a very good architecture, scalability and data protection performance.

Second, the IBM XIV System is quite suitable to apply with high IOPS.

Third, we think the most attractive feature of the IBM XIV is its friendly, easy-to-use management and configuration settings.

Particularly, the management cost is low because we can configure and manage it all by ourselves and in line with our requirements.

On the one hand, we put our highly concurrent database access and high IOPS on it. On the other hand, the most critical part of our external storage environment, the source data service, is also operated on this system.

The XIV system allows us manage different services more freely and smoothly.

It offers us a very friendly visual interface and allows our engineers to manage it with ease.

Overall, I’m personally satisfied with this system. Particularly, I’m satisfied with its good performance. In terms of management, our engineers can manage it smoothly and enhance the service within a very short time.

Products and services used

IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Power Systems, System Networking: SAN80B-4, Storage: TS3500 Tape Library, Storage: XIV, System x: System x3650 M2

AIX, Tivoli Storage Manager, General Parallel File System

Operating system:

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