Biogrid Australia (led by Melbourne Health) accelerates cancer research through collaboration, IBM Information on Demand and GBS consulting services.

Published on 30-Oct-2009

Validated on 16 Dec 2013

"IBM is a definite leader in heterogeneous data integration and complied with our requirements in all areas of privacy and security. " - Naomi Rafael, Senior Database Administrator, Melbourne Health

Melbourne Health


Deployment country:

BA - Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Smarter Planet


At Melbourne Health, improving the flow of information among clinicians and researchers will ultimately usher in a new era in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Melbourne Health clinical researchers leveraged data in BioGrid to develop a tool that would help clinicians select the best drug regimen for epilepsy patients.

Business need:
Compare individual treatment plans to improve overall patient outcomes

An informatics model that integrates data across heterogeneous sources to drive collaboration among organizations and expansion to new research areas

Won 17 million AUD in project grants; won 2.2 million AUD in research grants; drove significant new insights into the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses; increased statistical accuracy of research through a four-fold increase in sample sizes


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