Providing sales forecasts for 18+ months with 95 percent accuracy

Published on 27-Dec-2011

Validated on 07 Oct 2013

"Aperity gave us a formalized fact based, strategic approach to sales and distributor management where we were able to finally deliver a single version of the truth throughout our organization." - Fortune 100 CPG Company


Wholesale Distribution & Services, Retail

Deployment country:
United States

Data Warehouse, Information Infrastructure

IBM Business Partner:
Fuzzy Logix


Aperity needed a data warehouse that could be fast, accurate, and cost-effective and found that the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance was the best choice. By implementing the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance, Aperity has achieved its goal of having a query response time of 20 seconds or less and can run complex analyses, with very little system maintenance. Combining the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance with Fuzzy Logix’s in-database analytics enables Aperity to extend its iSalesBrandManagement to deliver accurate forecasts on more than 500,000 stores in minutes.

Business need:
Difficulty forecasting future sales, especially in turbulent economic climate. Merchandising and operational decisions based largely on intuition

A purpose-built, high-performance data warehouse appliance that makes advanced analytics on very large data volumes simpler, faster and more accessible

Highly accurate forecasting on more than 500,000 stores in minutes; Facilitates precise inventory management to prevent over- or under-stocking; Enables data-driven operational optimizations on a daily basis

Case Study

The ability to precisely track and forecast marketing and sales is essential to the success of retail and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, especially with today’s pressures to stay nimble and keep operating expenses to a minimum. Without accurate and timely reports, a company may miss distribution opportunities, misread market changes, completely overlook competitive activity, and ultimately lose money. Aperity, a provider of various business intelligence tools, sought to create a tool specifically for marketing and sales personnel that might offer a solution to avoid this specific and potentially very costly problem.

The solution? Aperity’s iSalesBrandManagement™ tool.
Aperity teamed with Netezza, now an IBM company, and Fuzzy Logix to develop its groundbreaking iSalesBrandManagement tool. It selected the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance due to its ability to run complex analyses rapidly, and its simplicity to get up and running quickly without requiring ongoing maintenance or high operating costs. Fuzzy Logix completed the puzzle, as a member of the IBM Netezza Developer Network that has developed an in-database computation engine called DB Lytixto run extremely complex analytics on the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance.

Realizing the power of Netezza, now an IBM company, Aperity launched its services utilizing the IBM Netezza platform. The company needed a data warehouse that could be fast, accurate, and cost-effective – IBM Netezza was the best choice. By implementing the IBM Netezza data warehouse appliance, Aperity has achieved its goal of having a query response time of 20 seconds or less and can run complex analyses, while performing very little maintenance on the system to keep it running day after day.

And with Fuzzy Logix’s in-database analytics, Aperity has extended its iSalesBrandManagement solution – a tool that delivers highly accurate forecasts on more than 500,000 stores in minutes. Using the tool, salespeople can target stores where brands may be slipping or find new opportunities based on future competitive activity. CFOs can rely on forecasts, since they are based on consumer demand and actual data, as opposed to the whims of their sales force.

Now, Aperity delivers this leading edge solution to sales and marketing professionals in the CPG industry for retail distribution and channel management. The iSalesBrandManagement tool allows companies to precisely anticipate retail trends more than 18 months in the future – often up to 24 months – with better than 95 percent accuracy. Having this kind of insight is extremely valuable for sales and marketing professionals looking to predict and prepare for changes in the market.

Aperity’s implementation shows how bringing together data warehouse appliance technology, business intelligence, and customized business applications can create a solution that delivers not just nominal reporting, but more valuable predictive analysis. Clients using iSalesBrandManagement are able to look back over past trends and also anticipate future trends with an extremely high degree of confidence. By utilizing the tool, sales and marketing professionals are able to uncover gaps and opportunities in retail distribution, and maximize profitability for their brands.

Solution components

  • IBM Netezza 1000
  • IBM Netezza Performance Server
  • IBM Netezza Analytics
IBM Business Partner
Fuzzy Logix

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For more information about Aperity, visit: www.aperity.com.

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