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Published on 13-Apr-2010

"The major business objectives in our organization are excellence in customer service and increased productivity of our associates. IBM brings the advanced expertise and necessary case management features to enable these objectives." - Keith Tempinski, Director, Enterprise PMO, JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

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JM Family improves process efficiency and accuracy to realize $2.1 million in annual savings and eliminates annual printing of 168,000 pages when it implements IBM software with case management capabilities.

Business need:
Enable service associates to access all relevant information regarding a customer’s case and provide a quick and certain answer regardless of where the loan/lease servicing request is initiated.

IBM software with case management capabilities delivered the framework to help ensure the right information is available for case progression and resolution where needed.

Annual savings of $2.1 million; faster response to customer inquiries; eliminated approximately 168,000 pages of paper being printed annually; improved corporate records compliance

Case Study

JM Family Enterprises, Inc. is a recognized leader in the automotive industry. JM Family’s visionary business practices have enabled the company to capitalize on market trends and maintain a rapid rate of growth. It is currently ranked No. 28 by FORTUNE® as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For, its 12th consecutive year on the list. The company is also ranked No. 8 on Computerworld’s list of “100 Best Places to Work in IT.”

Founded in 1968 by Jim Moran, JM Family has grown from a core distribution business into a diversified automotive corporation whose principal businesses focus on vehicle distribution and processing, financial services, finance and insurance products, retail sales, and dealer technology products and services. The company is a US$8.4 billion force in the industry with about 4,000 associates nationwide.

JM Family’s World Omni Financial Corp. (World Omni) is a diversified financial services company, headquartered in Deerfield Beach, Florida. World Omni provides a broad range of automotive financial products and services to consumers, dealers and lenders.

Growing content challenges case management

JM Family’s World Omni call centers had already established a reputation for quality customer service. More than 700 customer service associates located in Mobile, Alabama and St. Louis, Missouri annually processed tens of thousands of automobile loans and leases. However, the process was complex, involving volumes of paper documents, frequent interaction with customers, and multiple information sources and systems. Each of these loan/lease servicing transactions had to progress through a specific sequence of steps involving many associates, approval levels and audit steps.

Known challenges to productivity included manual processing of forms, faxes, e-mail and letters associated with the loan/lease servicing process. The volumes of paper involved in the process made it difficult to accurately and efficiently comply with the corporate records policies. Hard to find documents, combined with rekeying of data into various information systems, frequently delayed loan/lease service transaction completion. When customers inquired about loan/lease servicing request status, customer service associates were unable to access all relevant information to provide a quick and certain answer. Ideally, JM Family wanted the two call centers to operate as one virtual call center with customer service associates able to respond to inquiries regardless of where the loan/lease was initiated.

Optimizing case progression and resolution

Given JM Family’s reputation for technical innovation, it recognized that an advanced case management approach could be a key enabler in improving the quality of customer service as well as the productivity of the customer service associates. Additionally, it could help staff improve additional business processes throughout the organization.

JM Family used IBM® software to gain the advanced case management insights it needed to make the customer experience seamless. The solution delivers an integrated process that combines electronic forms, business process and systems integrations to optimize process automation. A flexible framework provides customer service staff with access to all relevant content for each case at every step regardless of the content source. And the platform enables process design that automatically records the status of key processes as well as participants involved in reviews and approvals to support corporate and regulatory compliance and auditing.

Here’s how it works: IBM FileNet® Business Process Framework helps the company manage information and customer requests arriving from multiple sources such as phone, fax, mail or e-mail. When a loan/lease request is received, an associate begins the process by completing the appropriate electronic forms or templates and electronically attaching any associated documents. IBM FileNet eForms software is designed to make data entry efficient and accurate through the use of data verification, auto completion, and integration with external data sources. Data contained in electronic forms eliminates the need to rekey data and, via integration, also enables the sharing of data with mainframe and client server systems that are part of the loan/lease servicing process.

In conjunction with business process rules, information contained in the electronic forms controls the routing to the appropriate loan/lease processor, thereby eliminating delays inherent in a manually executed system. The combination of business process, electronic forms and systems integration enabled automation of the entire loan/lease servicing process to help ensure the right information is available for case progression and resolution when needed.

To facilitate auditing and protect against legal and regulatory risks, JM Family designed the process to automatically record the status of key processes as well as the participants involved in reviews and approvals. By using IBM Enterprise Records software, JM Family was able to automatically capture and retain loan/lease documents in accordance with corporate compliance policies.

“The major business objectives in our organization are excellence in customer service and increased productivity of our associates. IBM brings the advanced expertise and necessary case management capabilities to enable these objectives,” says Keith Tempinski, Director, Enterprise PMO, JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

Continuous improvement with case analytics

Case managers need insight into workloads and processes to optimize case handling and to confirm that service associates are achieving key performance metrics. To support this, JM Family used IBM FileNet Process Analyzer software to record loan/lease servicing performance metrics. These data are then used by IBM Cognos® software to create daily performance reports, allowing continual monitoring of the automated loan/lease servicing process and the individual customer service associates participating in the process.

Improving business outcomes

Working with IBM, JM Family achieved its primary goals of improved customer service and increased call center productivity. Customer service associates can now quickly determine the status of a loan or lease service transaction—a task that previously required significant manual effort. Comprehensive view of a customer’s case allows associates to update account data and have these applied systematically and consistently across all systems involved in the process. As a result of the automated business processes, loan/lease transactions are now completed more quickly.

JM Family also achieved secondary goals of data quality improvement, paper reduction, improved compliance with corporate records requirements, and the ability to monitor process performance metrics. JM Family realized a savings of $2.1 million annually and anticipates further savings as additional business processes become automated.

Improved data quality and reduced audit costs

By eliminating many processes that required substantial rekeying of data across systems, JM Family reduced data errors to help ensure that consistent, accurate data was transferred among systems. The new business processes were designed to automate World Omni approval authorities and implement firm controls, thereby reducing the amount of auditing required. JM Family estimates an annual savings of $68,000 attributed to the reduced cost associated with the audit steps.

Greener productivity

Paper, formerly printed and routed for transaction approvals, was the root of much process inefficiency. Eliminating paper documents improved the loan/lease process and provided a corresponding “green benefit”—approximately 168,000 pages of paper are no longer printed annually.

Compliance made easy

The paper-based loan/lease process made it difficult to comply with corporate records standards. With the elimination of paper documents and the implementation of the new loan/lease process, critical corporate records are now declared automatically at key steps in the process and retained according to the file plan established by JM Family.

Performance monitoring via IBM Cognos

Not only has JM Family improved the loan and lease processes, but the company’s progressive IT culture motivated it to strive for continual process improvement. JM Family uses the process metrics gathered by the IBM FileNet Process Analyzer software as input to IBM Cognos software to create daily reports on associate activity and overall process performance. With this data JM Family can quickly identify associates who may benefit from coaching and determine if adjustments need to be made to any part of the process.

Business process platform serves future process improvements

JM Family’s investment in IBM software allowed it to obtain the productivity, quality and cost benefits described above. More importantly, JM Family recognized that IBM’s advanced case management strategies provided a proven means to deliver future productivity improvements, specifically in the area of business process management, as JM Family continues to transform itself through optimization initiatives.

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