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Published on 05-Nov-2013

"We can now find and address the source of a problem in minutes instead of tens of hours." - Mr. Dainis Bairs, Chief Information Security Officer and Head of IT, ERGO Latvia

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Data Security Solutions (DSS LV)


ERGO Latvia IT staff used manual processes to integrate and analyze log information for security and compliance activities. However, with more than 20,000 events per minute being captured, the team needed a new approach to prevent potential issues from becoming lost in the noise. By replacing manual processes with an advanced security solution from IBM, ERGO Latvia IT staff can quickly uncover threats, prioritize response based on risk level, and take action before the business is affected.

Business need:
With more than 20,000 events per minute streaming in, ERGO Latvia IT staff couldn’t easily identify potential security events, operational anomalies and vulnerabilities or the root cause of IT issues.

Data Security Solutions (DSS LV) helped ERGO Latvia deploy an advanced IBM security solution that rapidly integrates and analyzes data from disparate sources so staff can better detect and respond to threats.

99 percent reduction in time to respond to security and IT incidents; 99 percent reduction in compliance reporting time; uncovers threats and prioritizes risk for efficient and effective remediation

Case Study

ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe with a presence in 30 countries and EUR18 billion in premiums.

Wrestling with thousands of events per minute

Several years ago, Dainis Bairs, chief information security officer and head of IT for ERGO Latvia, contacted IT security specialists, Data Security Solutions (DSS LV), to help his team better detect and respond to security threats. DSS LV has international experience in helping companies defend against cyber criminals and insider fraud.

Bairs’ team previously used manual processes to integrate and analyze data from disparate sources. However, as the IT environment grew, so did the number of events. With more than 20,000 events per minute streaming in, the organization needed a new approach to prevent potential issues from becoming lost in the noise.

Gaining intelligence, integration and automation

Working with DSS LV, ERGO Latvia implemented an advanced security solution from IBM that integrates and analyzes log and system data from across the company’s infrastructure. With a unified view of potential security events, operational anomalies and vulnerabilities, Bairs’ team can quickly uncover threats, prioritize response based on risk level, and take action before the business is affected.

“We can now detect changes as they happen and easily identify the cause so we can respond immediately,” says Bairs. “For example, we can see as disk space is filling up, when a user has had too many unsuccessful logins, or if an anomaly has occurred, such as an increase in the number of connections to our systems.”

And with all information in one system, compliance reporting is 99 percent faster. “Before we had to manually extract and consolidate log information from different systems, which could take days depending on the request,” says Bairs. “Now, we can produce these reports in minutes. We can also filter information in ways that was not possible before, such as searching for all log files for a specific user.”

Reducing response times by 99 percent

With 360-degree visibility into network, application and user activity, IT personnel now have insight that they did not have before.

Case in point: Several years ago, IT staff struggled to identify the source of a systems outage. A high number of external requests had “flooded” the organization’s servers. It took two days for IT staff to pinpoint the cause (a programming error in a partner application) and resolve the issue. According to Bairs, this advanced security approach helps prevent this type of problem from recurring.

“We can now find and address the source of a problem in minutes instead of tens of hours,” Bairs says.


ERGO Latvia
Riga, Latvia

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● IBM® QRadar® Security Intelligence Platform
IBM Business Partner
● Data Security Solutions (DSS LV)

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