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Published on 05-Feb-2013

"For customers who need to consolidate their infrastructure, have better performance and faster time to market, I recommend the expert integrated systems of PureFlex. This solution is flexible, and the infrastructure is easy to maintain." - Philippe Duranté, IBM strategic alliance vice president, Sogeti


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Sogeti is a leading provider of professional technology services, specializing in application management, infrastructure management and high-tech engineering. Sogeti offers cutting-edge solutions around testing, business intelligence, mobility, cloud and security, combining world-class methodologies and the global delivery model, Rightshore. Sogeti brings together more than 20,000 professionals in 15 countries and is present in over 100 locations in Europe, the United States and India. Sogeti is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cap Gemini S.A., listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.

Business need:
To further industrialize its approach to managing projects, Sogeti sought an easy-to-maintain infrastructure that would help reduce labor and associated costs while speeding time to market.

Sogeti implemented IBM® PureFlex™ System technology, which features the Flex System Manager™ node for simplified infrastructure management.

The integrated solution accelerates business and reduces costs, increasing virtual machine capacity by 60 percent.


Sogeti sought an integrated, security-rich, demand-based and easy-to-maintain infrastructure that would help reduce labor and associated costs while speeding time to market. After implementing IBM PureFlex System technology, the company reduced costs and accelerated business.

Video Transcript

Nicholas Saint Remy, chief information officer, Sogeti
Sogeti is an IT company providing IT services to its customers within infrastructure management or application development.

Phillip Duranté, IBM strategic alliance vice president, Sogeti
More than 20,000 people, consultants over the world, serving large customers and medium size customers in 16 countries and more than 100 different locations. We see a very strong trend amongst our clients, all industries included, they really need more agility and flexibility. And the some of the data centers have multiple layers of infrastructure that are very difficult to maintain and make evolve.

Nicholas: Our needs were simple, We needed to have an infrastructure providing up to 800 virtual machines, 50 terabytes of our disc, and secure and innovative solution.
Regarding application management, our business units are asking us, “Hey, I want a platform for today with one web server, one application server and one database server because I have to test and develop an application. I have to deliver this application to my customer in one week. “

Phillip: If you start designing yourself and assembling bricks then you are talking in weeks or months whereas when you use Cloud-enabled system like the PureFlex, you are talking about hours or days.

Nicholas: Today, with PureFlex System, we hope to reduce this time to several minutes, and we hope that the provisioning will be self help for our developers or our infrastructure experts.

Phillip: For our clients, they should consider this expert integrated systems because they are easy to put in place, because they are flexible. Are you really able to say what will be your demand and capacity needs in the next three years? It is very difficult to do. So you need a flexible and easy to maintain infrastructure.

And more particularly,PureFlex is Cloud-enabled, PureFlex can manage Big Data. PureFlex is at the heart, to us, of the Smarter Computing strategy and we think many of our clients should really use it for building their Cloud and implementing their Cloud.

Nicholas: Our customers are facing the same challenges as my internal departments. We have to virtualize our environments; we have to reduce cost, and acquiring PureFlex solution was a response to those issues. And we have the knowledge to tell our customers how to face these issues

Phillip: … it’s not time for strategic thinking anymore it's time for implementation. And when it comes to implementation, you need the right systems. So that’s why we think our partnership with IBM in general and in Smarter Computing in particular will be a very strong leverage for our clients and therefore our business.

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Flex System Manager, Flex System x240, PureFlex Express

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