Computer Gross Italia S.p.A. - IBM PureFlex Client Reference Video

Published on 21-Dec-2012

"All its components are designed to work together in synergy, so it’s really important. It’s what IBM called ‘integration by design.’ The Flex System Manager is the single point from which we can manage all the environments." - Luca Parelli, IBM Power PureFlex specialist, Computer Gross Italia S.p.A.

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Computer Gross Italia S.p.A., an IBM Premier Business Partner, is a distributor of hardware, software and networking solutions, including IBM solutions, to resellers within the Italian market. Headquartered in Empoli, Italy, the company employs approximately 315 people.

Business need:
Computer Gross Italia S.p.A., an IBM Premier Business Partner, needed a simplified IT solution that would provide faster time to market, improve efficiency in its data center, reduce costs and offer cloud computing, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), to its resellers so customers could improve their IT environments and run stronger businesses.

The company implemented IBM® PureFlex™ System technology, a solution from the IBM PureSystems® family, to design its data center infrastructure.

Simplified systems and consolidated components create a single point of management that Computer Gross expects to reduce administration costs by 50 percent and speed deployment by 50 percent.


Computer Gross implemented IBM® PureFlex™ System technology, a solution from the IBM PureSystems® family, to design its data center infrastructure.

Video Transcript

Luca Parelli, IBM PureFlex System specialist, Computer Gross Italia S.p.A.

IaaS. Francesca Moriani, IBM business unit manager for Computer Gross

Moriani: Computer Gross is an Italian distributor. It’s the most important value-added distributor in the Italian market

Moriani: Computer Gross has been working until 17 years now, and we grow every year in revenue… Our headquarter is in Empoli close to Florence, but we have also six branch offices around Italy

Parelli: The trend now of the information technology market is going to a Cloud computing in particular, and we are fighting against larger and larger amount of data. We need to have the possibility to manage this data in an easier way than before. In particular, we have to give to our customer faster answer to their problems.

Moriani: In Italy, there are a huge number of very small ISVs that develop software and application inside, and they are looking often to sell this software and application as a solution in Cloud to the end-users.

Moriani: The business partners are moving now, and they are becoming MSP. And our focus on MSP and also ISV is to be consultant and to help them in this transformation and to set the right strategy to get the answer to the needs of end-users that are changing.

Moriani: Some months ago, we couldn’t sell Infrastructure-as-a-Service because we didn’t have the right solution, the right products to sell the services to the reseller. Today, we can do that, thanks to the PureFlex. And thanks for using the PureFlex, Computer Gross can sell the Infrastructure-as-a-Service to the reseller that can use that to sell these services to the end-user.

Parelli: The IT market asked for an easier way to manage larger and larger amount of datas. So the PureFlex could give the solution to this problem because it gives the possibility to manage or the storage networking resource, I/O and also all platforms for virtualization like VMware, like Linux KVM and PowerVM of IBM.

Parelli: IBM PureFlex has a lot of characteristics that are useful for us to face on the market of IT. For example, all its components are designed to work together in synergy, so it's really important. It’s what IBM called integration by design, for example.

Moriani: The big news on PureFlex is the Flex System Manager so the single point of management of the infrastructure. And in the Italian market, Power i is very important. It was very strategic to consolidate Poweri and Intel. Today, we can put inside also – thanks to the PureFlex – also the storage, and there is one single point of control that helps technical people to be faster and create the virtual machine and to spend less time on the administration process.

Parelli: With IBM PureFlex, Computer Gross expects to have reduction of 50% of the administrational cost and 50% of reduction of time also to deploy applications and virtual machine

Parelli: And now with this new technology, with this new kind of environment, that is IBM PureFlex, we have a newer idea to make the data center. So it can be integrated with everything else in the data center, but it's newer and better than before.

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Flex System Manager, PureFlex Express