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Published on 21-Jun-2012

Validated on 02 Dec 2013

"We needed a new supercomputer that was much more powerful than the one we used to have. And from the different possible vendors, IBM turned out to be, by far, the best solution for us." - Arndt Bode, chairman of the board, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre

Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)

Life Sciences

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Technical Computing, Connectivity - High availability, Connectivity - High volume, Energy Efficiency, General Parallel File System (GPFS), High Availability


Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Munich required a new high-performance computing solution to replace a slower, power-hungry system. The new solution had to deliver superb performance while meeting strict performance and energy requirements.

Business need:
Leibniz Supercomputing Centre in Munich needed a new high-performance computing solution that could deliver superb performance while conserving as much energy as possible to save costs.

The solution is an IBM Intelligent ClusterTM with IBM System x® iDataPlex® Direct Water Cooled dx360 M4 servers featuring the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 2600 family

The IBM solution saves $1.2 million annually in energy costs and delivers 50 times more computing power than the previous solution, while only using three times more electricity.


Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ) in Munich needed a new high-performance computing solution that could deliver superb performance while conserving energy to save costs. The IBM solution saves LRZ $1.2 million annually in energy costs while delivering 50 times more computing power. The solution is an IBM Intelligent ClusterTM with IBM System x® iDataPlex® Direct Water Cooled dx360 M4 servers featuring the Intel® Xeon® processor E5 2600 family.

Video Transcript

:07 Arndt Bode, Chairman of the Board, LRZ

Munich is really the German center for science and industrial development. Leibniz Supercomputing Centre serves people working in universities and research with basic IT services, but mainly with one special service, which is high-performance supercomputing .

0:29 Herbert Huber

SuperMUC is the first system in our center that is offered to scientists all over Europe. SuperMUC will consist of 147,634 cores; the system has 324 Terabytes of memory and 10 Petabytes of disk storage connected to it.

Arndt Bode 0:47

This system would deliver 3 Petaflops of performance, but at an affordable price. The size of the system and the power of the system makes it possible to find new solutions that were not possible before we had iDataPlex technology. It’s a proven stable technology, state-of-the-art. We are really on the edge of power delivery.

1:13 Herbert Huber, Supercomputing Division Head, LRZ

In supercomputing, memory bandwidth is crucial, as well as peak performance of processors is crucial. So we are using the latest Intel processor line.

1:22 Arndt Bode

This Intel technology gives us programmability on the one hand, and it gives us very good performance you would not obtain with other products today.

IBM is present in our building. We need them and they helped us bring up the system.

1:42 Herbert Huber

We have roughly 200 different projects running on our system.

1:47 Hans-Peter Bunge, Geophysics Department, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

We want to use the SuperMUC to figure out what causes earthquakes. What SuperMUC will allow us is, probably, an order-of-magnitude better understanding and a level that had not been dreamt of before 20 years ago. In fact, when I heard about the size of the machine, I realized that the length-scale and time-scale problems would, for the first time, be really addressable with that machine.

2:10 Herbert Huber

Germany is very greenish, so to say, so energy and power awareness is a crucial aspect in Germany. IBM came up with a direct liquid cooled system, so a completely different cooling technology.

2:25 Arndt Bode

With liquid cooling, we need to cool the chips directly with the liquid. IBM had this technology. In the context of our supercomputing center, we tried to expand the technology to warm-water cooling, and we are very well supported by IBM in this process.

2:47 Herbert Huber

Which allows us to operate our supercomputer, cool it the whole year without any chiller and without any compressor.

2:54 Bruno Michel, Manager, Advanced Thermal Packaging, IBM Research, Zurich

With SuperMUC we were able to reduce the energy consumption by 40 percent and increase the value of the heat, and we were able to reduce the size of the computer by a factor of ten compared to air-cooled versions.

3:08 Herbert Huber

We can save up to 1 million Euro per year, only because of this new cooling and system packaging technology.

3:16 Arndt Bode

Wow it is very clear. We have a new system, which is just six months younger than the latest system. It’s 60 times more powerful and it only consumes three times as much electricity as the last system. And our scientists are happy about this.

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