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Published on 16-Feb-2012

Validated on 01 Aug 2013

""The IBM System x technology delivers the quality, reliability and scalability we need to maintain our excellent service levels to customers."" - Bob Beckmann, President and CEO of Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions

Beckmann Technologies


Deployment country:
United States

Enabling Business Flexibility, Energy Efficiency, Optimizing IT, Server Consolidation


Beckmann Technologies repairs and remanufactures electronic components for Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Its sister company, BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions, provides remote diagnostic and information tools to enable collaborative vehicle repair. As the number and variety of embedded Electronic Control Units (ECUs) grows, the products and services provided by Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink ensure that even small auto repair shops can keep pace. The companies are based in Durham, NC, and employ a total of 11 people.

Business need:
Beckmann Technologies wanted to reduce the time spent on server maintenance, cut energy requirements, boost scalability and performance, and increase the speed and agility of software development.

Consolidated from more than 25 Dell servers to a single IBM System x® 3630 M3 server with two six-core Intel® Xeon® 5670 processors, 48 GB of RAM and 28 TB of disk.

Achieved 25:1 consolidation ratio; cut energy requirements by 80 percent; enabled higher performance for customer-facing diagnostic systems; enabled faster and more agile software development cycles.


Video Transcript

0:16 Bob Beckmann, President and CEO, Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions

My name is Bob Beckmann, I’m president and CEO of Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions herein Durham, N.C. Beckmann Technologies repairs, re-manufactures electronic components for Mercedes-Benz automobiles. BlueLink provides remote connectivity solutions, group collaborative solutions to bring efficiencies back into the service bay. It allows a solution to a particular problem to be solved one time, in one service facility, which may take quite a few hours, but once that is solved the first time that information is shared with all the other technicians in the network.

0:47 Shay Woodard, CIO, Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions

We’re a very small operation, however, we have enterprise-type needs because of the amount of data that we’re having to process and deal with.

0:55 Bob Beckmann

One of the great things about BlueLink is the scalability. As we add different manufacture lines, more of these experts, we have to be able to quickly scale. And, in order to do that, we need a combination of local storage, local processing, and cloud-based services.

1:09 Shay Woodard

The System x3630 M3 was able to give us all the things that we needed in one single unit that uniquely had an enormous amount of storage, the ability to have an enormous amount of RAM and an enormous amount of processing power. It has the Intel Xeon 5600 Series Processor. We went from 25 Dell 1-U servers down to the one single 3630 2-U server, and that server has magnitudes more processing power and disk space.

1:41 Mike Kirlauski,, Senior Development Engineer, Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions

The IBM System x3630 M3 puts that power back in our hands by storing all of our data-base info and quickly building all versions of our releases, it increases the speed that we work, but more importantly, it gives improvement to the quality of the software that we’re writing.

1:57 Max Williams, Senior Development Engineer, Beckmann Technologies and BlueLink Diagnostic Solutions

When I use the IBM System x 3630 M3 server, I know I can access it; I know it’s very quick and I know I can depend on it.

2:06 Shay Woodard

I’ve found it to be one of the easiest systems to deploy. Getting it live and up running was probably the shortest amount of time that I’ve ever taken to get a new server on-line and ready to go. That was largely in part due to the IBM tools, and IBM Systems Director.

2:25 Bob Beckmann

It just fits well. The scalability is there. The IBM System x3630 server that we have, there’s plenty of room to grow, plenty of space for additional storage that should last us for the foreseeable future. The parts that we re-manufacture are a very high line in the automobile that goes through rigorous testing, a quality-control process second to none worldwide. We have to use those same types of products and IBM brings us those products here for our use.

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System x: System x running Windows, System x: System x3630 M3

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