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Published on 30-Oct-2011

Validated on 02 Jan 2014

"The IBM iDataPlex solution puts us on the same level as animation studios on the other side of the world." - Auchuara Kijkanjanas, managing director, Kantana Animation Studios

Kantana Animation Studios

Media & Entertainment

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Technical Computing, IT/infrastructure, Energy Efficiency, General Parallel File System (GPFS), Green/Sustainability, High Availability


Kantana Animation Studios, based in Bangkok, Thailand, is making a new animated feature about global warming. Called Eco Planet, the film is set to be the first stereoscopic animated feature in Southeast Asia.

Business need:
To meet the studio’s goals for the film, Kantana needed an energy-efficient, high-performance computing platform that would help accelerate development.

Working with IBM, Kantana Animation Studios implemented a 36-node IBM® System x® iDataPlex® system running the Intel® Xeon® processor 5600 series. With high energy efficiency and a small data center footprint, the iDataPlex solution enables the studio to leverage green computing to make a film about preserving the environment.

The IBM solution enables animators to render frames two to three times faster, reduces power and cooling costs by half, and provides massive scalability without disrupting operations.


Kantana Animation Studios, based in Bangkok, Thailand, is making a new animated feature about global warming. Called Eco Planet, the film is set to be the first stereoscopic animated feature in Southeast Asia.

Video Transcript

Auchuara Kijkanjanas, Managing Director, Kantana Animation Studios

My name is Auchuara Kijkanjanas. I’m a managing director to Kantana Animation Studios in Thailand. We are animation studio doing our own feature films about Thai philosophy and Thai culture. My new movie is called “Echo Planet.” It’s about a green involvement that we want to teach to the world. Our imagination and our philosophy of living, we want to convey that into our piece of art, our animation. The IT is the tool for the artist. High Performance Computing can help us.

The problem for High Performance Computing in the old days is they are consuming lots of power and air conditioning. We needed something else.

1:14 Hideo Mori, Technical Director and 3D Artist

Because we are doing a save-the-planet kind of movie, so, why are we choosing iDataPlex? Because it’s a very green product. IBM iDataPlex is designed for High Performance Computing, lower power and energy, small footprint, easy to manage. And because of the Intel processor, it gives us a reliable and very high-performance computing. That’s why we chose IBM iDataPlex.

1:41 Auchuara Kijkanjanas

The more experience you get, the more imagination you have, the faster render and the bigger machine you need.

1:51 Hideo Mori

Rendering time, basically, is always the frustration all the time. Before iDataPlex, when I press “render,” it’s done by tomorrow, maybe. Right now, it’s maybe two hours, or maybe one hour. It’s double or maybe triple speed from before iDataPlex comes. Right now we have 36 nodes. We have Intel Xeon CPUs. We have about 90 percent CPUs all the time, and, you know, it has never stopped.

2:32 Auchuara Kijkanjanas

The price performance of the iDataPlex is very helpful for us. We can expand any time we want without any chaos to our production.

2:42 Hideo Mori

Before iDataPlex, basically, when we needed computing power, we had to buy a new blade and we had to find space, we had to find the networking switch. We had to find a lot of components. But after iDataPlex comes, it’s all integrated. After I know what I need, how many nodes I have, I just buy it and just plug in.

3:02 Auchuara Kijkanjanas

When I listened to the iDataPlex, I thought it was going to be much bigger because we required faster CPU time and more memory, complex computing. The iDataPlex required less physical space; required less power; and friendly to the environment.

3:23 Hideo Mori

With IBM iDataPlex, we save 50 or more percent on power savings.

3:30 Auchuara Kijkanjanas

So we are happy to have that because we don’t need a big space and electricity for that monster. They are not monsters anymore for me. They are friends to us.

3:43 Hideo Mori

IBM iDataPlex is the perfect solution for us.

3:48 Auchuara Kijkanjanas

Everyone is happy because I used limited budget investment and my actors are happy, my CEO is happy for investment, and I’m happy when everyone is happy. For me, and Kantana Animation Studio at this time, I have “Echo Planet,” my third movie. And the iDataPlex is the third system for me. It fits together, iDataPlex and “Echo Planet,” to save the world.

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System x: iDataPlex dx360 M3

General Parallel File System

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