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With IBM BladeCenter H and System x

Published on 27-Jan-2012

Validated on 08 Jul 2013

"We’re confident that with IBM, we are investing in a reliable and innovative solution that we can rely on for the long term." - Alaa Pasha, president and chief executive officer, MacromatiX



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Founded in 1999, MacromatiX is a leading provider of end-to-end retail management software solutions for global retailers -- including restaurants and convenience stores -- that need help managing the many layers of their operations.

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MacromatiX needed an infrastructure solution that would improve availability and transaction speeds for its cloud services amid exponential business growth.

MacromatiX worked with IBM and IBM Premier Business Partner Corus360 to implement IBM BladeCenter® HS22 and HS22V servers, and IBM System x® 3650 M3 and x3550 M3 servers all with intelligent Intel® Xeon® processors.

The IBM solution provides a flexible, scalable virtualized environment that processes transactions 20 percent faster and increases availability to near 100 percent.

Case Study

Whether it’s making sandwiches or selling clothes, today’s retail businesses are stocked with complexity. Basic questions, such as how many slices of bread to order or how many jeans to manufacture, can be tough to answer without data to help make good business decisions.

That’s where MacromatiX is making a difference. Founded in 1999, MacromatiX is a leading provider of end-to-end retail management software solutions for global retailers, including restaurants and convenience stores, that need help managing the many layers of their operations.

Making a difference in retail

With U.S. headquarters in Duluth, Georgia, and additional operations in Australia, China and the United Kingdom, MacromatiX is delivering robust, scalable and reliable solutions to help retailers manage their business more effectively and intelligently with a web-based service called the MacromatiX Retail Operating System (ROS).

This solution is delivered by MacromatiX through a private cloud to help customers deal with critical issues. Capabilities of the ROS include inventory control, cash management, labor scheduling, time and attendance management, forecasting and comprehensive reporting.

“Basically we provide a set of tools to help many global retailers increase their productivity and their bottom line,” explains Alaa Pasha, president and chief executive officer of MacromatiX. “It helps you manage the store and the entire enterprise.”

For example, restaurants need to know exactly how much food to order to ensure adequate supply while minimizing spoilage. Convenience stores need a way to account for and track the movement of cash and other tender types at the register. Retailers of all types need a way to manage staff schedules and labor costs. And they also need a way to access all of this information through a relevant and actionable reporting process.

“Retailers are very keen on having their store managers focus on customer service as opposed to sitting in the back crunching numbers, looking at reports, etc.,” says Pasha. “Our tools are focused to substantially reduce the time required to complete back-office tasks, resulting in increased manager’s productivity and more time focused on customer-facing activities.”

Success leads to growth challenges

The valuable insight delivered by MacromatiX over the years has been hugely popular. In fact, the company started growing so rapidly that it needed to expand its IT infrastructure to keep up with the two to three million transactions processed on a daily basis.

“Our business grew by more than 60 percent last year,” explains Pasha. “Supporting global retailers with thousands of stores requires the use of reliable technology and infrastructure.”

Adding to the existing IT infrastructure was also important to help MacromatiX provide its customers with the service levels they were demanding. “Number one, high availability is extremely important to our customers. The second thing is performance,” explains Pasha. “When you’re dealing with this amount of data, it needs to perform to a very high standard.” In other words, MacromatiX customers wanted near real-time access to transactional data, and they needed it all the time.

A trusted partner for comprehensive solutions

Pasha says he felt IBM was the only solution provider that he could trust to guarantee continued success.

“We were a lot more confident with the IBM brand and the IBM technology in terms of innovation,” says Pasha. “We’re confident that with IBM, we are investing in a reliable and innovative solution that we can rely on for the long term.”

With the help of IBM Global Services, IBM Global Financing and IBM Premier Business Partner Corus360, MacromatiX acquired a solution that includes five IBM System x 3650 M3 and System x3550 M3 servers featuring powerful, efficient Intel Xeon processors, as well as a BladeCenter H chassis with 12 HS22 and HS22V blade servers.

Pasha says working with IBM Global Financing was ideal, with IBM providing a three-year contract that was perfectly suited to the company’s business model. And the implementation process was a smooth one thanks to Atlanta-based Corus360.

“Corus360 is a great partner,” says Pasha. “Everything was delivered on time and it was pretty much a turnkey solution. From my perspective it was a great success and a good, simple implementation process.”

Empowering business with virtualization

One of the main benefits of the new solution is how it has enabled and empowered virtualization capabilities at MacromatiX. The company runs Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server and uses VMware for virtualization. The overall solution has led to greater agility because of the flexibility and scalability of virtualization, and improved performance with Intel Xeon processors.

“It all goes back to doing things faster, scaling faster and being more responsive. Now that we have this technology, we hope to increase our availability and deliver world-class service to our customers.” says Pasha.

And with the IBM solution, MacromatiX now has the throughput to handle even the busiest bursts of activity for its retail customers with ease. In total, MacromatiX processes about three million transactions per day and can now process these transactions about 20 percent faster. He says tools like the BladeCenter H Advanced Management Module have helped deliver further simplicity to the data center.

Counting on IBM now and in the future

Moving forward, Pasha expresses confidence that the IBM solutions will provide the basis for future growth.

“We’re excited about the value that this technology will add to our business,” says Pasha. “We believe that we’ve laid out the right foundation to grow our business and to support our customers.”

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