IBM® enables Shurtape Technologies to successfully migrate trading partners in record time

Published on 27-Sep-2011

Validated on 16 Dec 2013

"The flexibility of Sterling B2B Integrator allowed us to rapidly migrate a large number of demanding retail customers, warehouses, vendors, and carriers from a hosted GXS platform, while keeping behind-the-scenes changes largely transparent to the customers." - Matt Davis, E-Commerce Manager, Shurtape Technologies, LLC

Shurtape Technologies

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United States

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Shuford Mills, a maker of textile yarns, cordage and twine, decided to try their hand at manufacturing tape in 1955. The company opened a small plant within an existing factory and began making basic crepe and flat back paper tapes, now known as masking tape. Today, Shurtape Technologies is recognized as a creative, forward looking company with 12 factories worldwide producing and distributing a wide range of industrial, professional, and consumer packaged goods.

Business need:
Needed integration solution that would answer growing requirements, including those of its latest acquisition.

IBM Connectivity & Integration

• Improves partner onboarding times • Offers faster resolution of customer issues • Enhances customer satisfaction

Case Study

Business challenge

Focused on growth, in 2009 Shurtape Technologies acquired a new company. Shurtape was determined to quickly integrate the new company, which included the complex B2B interactions with large retailers, vendors, and third-partly logistics providers. Understanding the necessity to quickly integrate this expanding organization onto one platform, Shurtape turned to IBM – and IBM Sterling B2B Integrator – for a solution.


Shurtape adopted an aggressive implementation plan: Move all 150 trading partners onto Sterling B2B Integrator – without interruption to the business – within 10 months. This timeline included four months to migrate all partners to the new system. During the project the ERP system was also replaced, which added a further challenge.

To meet this schedule, IBM provided the critical capabilities for success. Sterling B2B Integrator provided a flexible platform allowing rapid deployment of new, complex messages and partners. Business processes were daisy-chained and swapped in and out as-needed to support changes in the underlying fabric of the business.

After all partners were migrated, Shurtape pulled the switch and officially went live with the consolidated platform ten months later, right on schedule. The business with Shurtape’s new retail partners has gone off without a hitch.

Throughout the implementation, Shurtape sent key employees to education classes conducted by IBM. The classes enabled employees to hit the ground running and continue to make improvements with Sterling B2B Integrator.

Key benefits

Improved partner onboarding cycle times It once took months for Shurtape to onboard new trading partners. But after implementing Sterling B2B Integrator, it’s now just a matter of weeks. This drastic time reduction enables Shurtape to reach out to new market segments more efficiently. “This is not like the old days where you start with paper and then move to EDI when the volumes increase; now it’s a prerequisite for doing business. You have to be able to start with EDI, which means you have to be able to set-up in weeks rather than months,” says Matt Davis, E-Commerce Manager for Shurtape.

Faster resolution of customer issues Success of the Sterling B2B Integrator solution continues to be measured by the positive impact on the customer, the speed of problem resolution, and the ability to rapidly deploy new capabilities. Customer satisfaction levels remain high, and when issues surface they are addressed quickly. For example, when the compliance team raised concern about a specific chargeback, they requested a change in the way data was presented to customers. The B2B team was able to implement the change within just one day.

Enhanced customer satisfaction With faster response times, customers are happier and the company is more competitive than ever. Today they are moving more than 130,000 kilo characters per month to more than 150 trading partners. Shurtape responds quickly to customer demands. What’s more, education classes help the Shurtape team gain maximum value from the solution, and improve customer experiences in the process.

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