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Published on 26-Aug-2011

Validated on 16 Dec 2013

"It’s about more than just file transfer management – it’s about business process integration and optimization. Sterling B2B Integrator helps us extend our business processes to our partners easily and efficiently, giving us a centralized system that makes all our data transfers less complex." - Dennis Grant, Associate Director, Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering Russell Investments

Russell Investment Group

Financial Markets

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United States

B2B, Smarter Commerce


Russell Investment Group, a global leader in multi-manager investing, provides investment products and services in 44 countries. Russell manages more than $200 billion in assets and advises clients worldwide, representing more than $2.4 trillion. Founded in 1936, Russell is a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual and is headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, with additional offices in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, and Tokyo.

Business need:
Russell Investment Group needed a secure and reliable file transfer management system to simplify its data transfer process and improve service to its business partner community.

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator

Sterling B2B Integrator is the only single B2B platform to manage both electronic files and transactions in any quantity, format or protocol, applying business rules to process data feeds for security-rich data delivery, centralized control and end-to-end monitoring and management.

Case Study

Business challenge

With a growing number of business partners, Russell exchanges multiple key data transfers each day. Many consist of up to 50 individual transactions that require a complex and highly secure interchange of both data and instruction files. Dennis Grant, senior technology consultant for Russell, said the firm needed a single, centralized solution framework to optimize business process integration and eliminate the time required to monitor both transactions and dependency on unreliable customer scripting.

“With our complex data exchange, we needed a flexible but secure system that could speak any language with any of our business partners,” he said. “Our ideal B2B platform would integrate seamlessly with every one of our partners and manage the entire process from end to end.”


IBM recommended Sterling B2B Integrator to serve as the firm’s B2B platform for multiple management fund transfers. Sterling B2B Integrator easily handles the growing number of key business partners and the increasing number of daily transmissions. In addition, it complements Russell’s ETL partner information, facilitating the end-to-end delivery of data.

Because Sterling B2B Integrator is a single, centralized framework, it reduces complexity for the company’s business, distribution partner, and global office data transfers. From an operations management perspective, Sterling B2B Integrator utilizes business rules to process data feeds and identifies those that need assistance, thereby reducing the time needed for problem resolution.

Sterling B2B Integrator met each one of Russell’s requirements: it’s a mature, industry standard application suite; it provides reliable, secure and documented delivery of data; and its auditing and reporting features provide metrics to verify regulatory and partner agreement compliance. By leveraging Sterling B2B Integrator for file transfer management, Russell can extend its data processes to its business partner community – easily and efficiently. The partner set-up process is now simplified, expedited and standardized, which improves customer satisfaction. In fact, the implementation of a new partner data feed has been reduced from 4-8 weeks to 5-8 business days. According to Grant, the new centralized solution optimizes business process integration. “We receive the data, and Sterling B2B Integrator confirms that we’ve received what we were supposed to receive,” he explained. “At that point, the data becomes fully integrated into our organization. It’s automatically transformed, managed, logged and forwarded just as the instruction in the document stipulates. If anything happens along the way, Sterling B2B Integrator alerts the help desk.”

Sterling B2B Integrator helps companies like Russell design, implement and manage the entire business process that surrounds file transfer, enabling them to deliver a higher level of customer service to business partners. In addition, its comprehensive security features, such as strong authentication, encryption, and perimeter security, embed safeguards against unauthorized access at every point throughout the transfer process.

Key benefits

• Simplified the company’s data transfer process

• Expedited and standardized the partner set-up procedure

• Helped reduce the implementation time of new partner data feeds from 4-8 weeks to 5-8 business days

• Standardized connectivity and security

• Improved overall service to the partner community

• Saved the company roughly 80 hours per month in outsourced IT services

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Sterling B2B Integrator

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