SÜSS transforms communication and document sharing with IBM Lotus Notes capabilities

IBM Business Partner EDR deploys collaboration software based on IBM Lotus applications

Published on 23-Nov-2011

Validated on 11 Feb 2014

"With IBM Lotus Notes software, we’ve saved money on storage and software licensing, but, most importantly, it has helped us better manage the multiplicity of projects at SÜSS." - Holger Süss, CEO, SÜSS

SÜSS Beratende Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG

Construction / Architecture / Engineering

Deployment country:

IBM Business Partner:
EDR Projekt GmbH


Located in Nuremberg, Germany, and founded in 1978, SÜSS Beratende Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG (SÜSS) provides heating, ventilation and electrical systems, as well as engineering services, for complex building projects. The company employs 35 people in Nuremberg and Munich, and it posts annual revenue of €3.5 billion.

Business need:
German engineering company SÜSS consulting engineers (SÜSS) needed a document-sharing and messaging platform that would integrate seamlessly with its existing applications.

IBM Business Partner EDR Software GmbH deployed the IBM Lotus Notes® and Lotus® Domino® platform for its docma EDM, docma PLAN and docma ADRESSEN applications to enable improved project management and sharing of critical documents and drawings.

The solution helps SÜSS engineers deliver compressed engineering drawings and blueprints, reducing storage requirements and boosting productivity by enabling field workers to access project email and documents using handheld mobile devices.

Case Study


With many projects occurring simultaneously, SÜSS generates large volumes of emails, drawings, blueprints and documents. The company needed an effective way to collaborate and share documents internally, with field representatives, and externally, with associates and clients. It was using a document-sharing software application in combination with Microsoft Outlook software, but the system was not integrated and was inefficient and difficult to use. Because of the large number of emails, paper, digital documents, blueprints and drawings associated with multiple projects, it was easy for relevant information to get misplaced. Searching for and finding an important document, drawing or email on the file server were extremely challenging. SÜSS knew that it needed to replace its existing system, so it turned to IBM Business Partner EDR Software GmbH (EDR) for help.


Together with IBM Business Partner EDR, SÜSS implemented EDR’s docma EDM and docma PLAN software applications, which are built on the IBM Lotus Notes® and Lotus® Domino® platform. The docma EDM solution is used to share documents; docma PLAN is used to share larger computer-aided design (CAD) files, such as mechanical drawings and blueprints; and docma ADRESSEN is used for project-related addresses.

Projects are able to be scheduled and calendared with the Lotus Notes software–based docma solutions, and each docma EDM project database has a discrete email address associated with a particular project number. This way, all documents and drawings are sent—and stored—by project. Outgoing email and shared documents come directly from the project-related docma EDM and docma PLAN applications. The powerful search functionality of the EDR solutions enables users to search and sort information by a variety of views, such as date, topic, document type, keyword and email address. The Lotus Notes and Domino access control capabilities enable role-based access in the EDR solutions, a feature that many SÜSS clients require.

The EDR solutions leverage IBM Lotus Notes Traveler software and the integration of Lotus Notes software with the Android mobile platform to deliver documents and drawings to field personnel over their smartphones.Enhancements to the Android solution are being developed in XPages for rollout in 2012.


  • Reduces the complexity of project management, which improves productivity and eliminates wasted labor
  • Enables document sharing to deliver compressed engineering drawings and blueprints, reducing storage requirements
  • Empowers field workers to access project email and documents using handheld mobile devices
  • Lowers capital expenditures on software licensing per user and per seat

See the story here in German - http://www.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?subtype=AB&infotype=PM&appname=SWGE_LO_LN_DEDE&htmlfid=LOC14276DEDE&attachment=LOC14276DEDE.PDF

Products and services used

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IBM Sametime Standard, IBM Notes, IBM Notes Traveler