Aarhus University Hospital enhances compliance

Using IBM Lotus software, the Department of Clinical Biochemistry streamlines quality management

Published on 02-Aug-2012

Validated on 11 Feb 2014

Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Aarhus University Hospital


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European House of Quality A/S


The Department of Clinical Biochemistry is a medical laboratory within Aarhus University Hospital. The laboratory conducts a wide range of tests, including electrocardiogram measurements and venipuncture for patient diagnostic and research purposes. The Department of Clinical Biochemistry conducts more than 10 million tests a year on more than one million patients.

Business need:
Aarhus University Hospital’s Department of Clinical Biochemistry wanted to be ISO 15189 compliant around its clinical processes. A paper-based system was error prone, time consuming and difficult to audit.

IBM Business Partner European House of Quality A/S deployed its Sherlock application on a security-rich IBM Lotus Notes® and IBM Lotus® Domino® platform, enabling the department to streamline and document clinical processes and upgrades.

The Department streamlined and automated quality management processes to help ensure ISO 15189 compliance, eliminating an error-rone and time-consuming paper-based system. With automation of the compliance process, staff are able to focus on patient health and qualtiy of care.

Case Study


The Department of Clinical Biochemistry wanted to meet certain International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards related to procedures, process updates, certifications, equipment up ISO 15189 standards, the department must also keep auditable records. Its previous system was paper based and consisted of Microsoft Word and Excel documents that were scattered around the hospital, making it hard to find, update and track versions. Because ISO 15189 certification is critical to continued operations, the Department of Clinical Biochemistry turned to IBM Business Partner European House of Quality A/S for a quality management solution.

European House of Quality deployed its Sherlock software application on an IBM Lotus Notes® and Lotus® Domino® platform. The application contains all of the requirements, employee and supplier reports, operating procedures, confidentiality standards and calibration instructions that are needed to help the department meet ISO 15189 compliance. All emails related to quality management in Sherlock are generated in IBM Lotus Notes software, making it easier to track procedures. Sherlock offers built-in agents that send out automatic notifications when specific procedures or calibrations need to be performed in order to remain in compliance. This automated process means that the Department of Clinical Biochemistry doesn’t need to track maintenance and calibration schedules. An audit trail is created to helps the department verify that it is meeting all ISO 15189 requirements. Access control enables managers to decide who can—and cannot—access the system. Sherlock also leverages Lotus Notes capabilities to communicate in five different languages.

European House of Quality is currently working on a new version of Sherlock, created in XPages, for rollout in 2012.


  • Streamlines and automates quality management processes to help ensure ISO 15189 compliance
  • Eliminates an error-prone, paper-based system that made compliance time consuming and expensive
  • Automates compliance processes and enables staff to focus on patient health and quality of care

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IBM Notes, IBM Domino

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