First Citizens Bank & Trust Client Reference Video

Published on 08-Feb-2011

Validated on 20 Feb 2014

"Virtualization amplifies the value that IT creates for our business. … we make better use of our WebSphere administrators, our server engineers, we make better use of the floor space that we have in the data center and those benefits accumulate over time." - Jon Meyer, VP & Manager of Electronic Channels and Payments

First Citizens Bank & Trust


Deployment country:
United States


The banking industry is under tremendous pressure these days.

Business need:
Before WAS VE, when we were deploying the application, we would bring down the entire cluster, we would then put a new version of the application in and then bring it back up. When we went about to test that new version in production, we would be competing with our own customers.

What we have put in place is very scalable and it's able to handle the load that we throw at it today and if we need to handle more load it's very simple to expand our footprint with another server … to make sure that we are able to maintain that service quality that’s the focus of our business.

The benefit that we get from a deep relationship with IBM is that we always have a trusted party we can count on whether we are having technical problems or we need advise with how to expand our infrastructure or how to delve deeper into virtualization.


This video features Jon Meyer, VP & Manager of Electronic Channels and Payments discussing the benefits of WebSphere Virtual Enterprise.

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WebSphere Virtual Enterprise, WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, CICS Transaction Gateway