Haddon Hill cuts millions off IBM WebSphere deployments

Published on 27-Dec-2010

Validated on 20 Feb 2014

"The important thing about the IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance is that it will dispense a WebSphere Application Server image onto your WebSphere Application Server environment or private cloud, and that application server will be ready in a few minutes." - Phil Schaadt, President and CTO, Haddon Hill Group

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With high operating costs and underused servers consuming space and power, enterprise data center staffs feel increasing pressure to better use existing resources and reduce costs.

Business need:
Organizations need a faster, less cost-intensive method of implementing large IBM® WebSphere® environments than manually deploying the software to individual servers and managing constantly changing configurations.

IBM Business Partner Haddon Hill Group can help companies reduce the cost of maintaining large deployments of IBM WebSphere environments by implementing IBM WebSphere CloudBurst™ Appliance.

· Projected 7-figure savings for large WebSphere implementations · 100 times faster time to market (hours versus 40 - 60 days) · Elimination of errors resulting from incorrect server configurations

Case Study

With high operating costs and underused servers consuming space and power, enterprise data center staffs feel increasing pressure to better use existing resources and reduce costs.

Over the last 12 years, new hardware expenditures have been roughly flat against inflation. Despite this relatively slow growth in hardware, power and cooling costs have grown at roughly four times the rate of inflation. But this is still a relatively small percentage of total spend. Server management and administrative costs are growing at eight times the rate of inflation, and at roughly 70 percent, comprise the majority of all data center costs.

IT environments, particularly development and test environments, often total many different servers, all running at low utilization. In addition to consolidating servers to reduce power and space costs, reducing operational costs is critical to reducing growing data center costs.

Much of the administrative cost is driven by the number of steps and decisions involved in designing, installing, configuring and maintaining solutions comprised of different software components. For example, administration of an application server environment solution includes installing, configuring and applying patches to the operating systems, middleware and application software across multiple servers. What’s needed is a faster, easily repeatable process to get IT environments up and running for development and test uses and for designing, configuring and maintaining highly available, robust production environments.

Haddon Hill Group helps save millions

On the forefront of the effort to help customers reduce cost and gain efficiencies in deploying their enterprise IBM WebSphere environments is IBM Business Partner Haddon Hill Group, based in Oakland, California.

Haddon Hill Group was founded in 2003 to address the growing need to link IT investment to business value in organizations that rely on complex computer systems.

“Leaders of large IT operations must deliver highly reliable services across a growing array of applications despite tightly constrained budgets,” says Phil Schaadt, president and CTO of the Haddon Hill Group. “For managers of high-volume, high-complexity, business-critical IT infrastructures, Haddon Hill Group can help improve financial control and performance, governance, reliability and service support using consulting, analysis, hands-on engineering and facilitation methodologies.”

Haddon Hill Group helps its clients to produce measurable and financially justified returns by solving difficult problems that call for a small group of experienced senior professionals, not commodity staff augmentation. Most of its projects involve leading and assisting client teams. The group also has experience managing onshore/offshore teams for multiple clients and projects.

Managing computing resources cost-effectively

For managing complex IBM WebSphere Application Server environments, the Haddon Hill Group chooses IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance with IBM WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition for 6.1 and 7.0.

IBM has introduced a set of WebSphere cloud computing technologies that enable organizations to rapidly assemble and deploy applications into a private cloud. New additions include a family of Hypervisor Edition products, each configured and tuned for use in virtualized environments. This growing family of products currently includes: IBM WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition for 6.1 and for 7.0, IBM WebSphere Process Server Hypervisor Edition, IBM WebSphere Portal Server Hypervisor Edition, and the newly announced IBM WebSphere Business Monitor Hypervisor Edition and IBM WebSphere Message Broker Hypervisor Edition.

The second cloud computing technology is the IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance. The WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance leverages pre-configured Hypervisor Edition products to rapidly and securely dispense virtual images into the cloud.

Seven-figure savings

The WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance provides high business value through increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness and usability of WebSphere topologies in a data center.

“The important thing about the IBM WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance is that it will dispense a WebSphere Application Server image onto your WebSphere Application Server environment or private cloud along with other products within the WebSphere stack, and that application server will be ready in a few minutes,” says Schaadt. “You can do it in a clustered environment. And you can even roll out IBM WebSphere Process Server and get it right in a fully clustered environment with a database connection, in about 90 minutes. You can also easily manage all the configurations of IBM WebSphere Process Server that you need. All the steps that took up so much time and effort on the part of IT staff have been removed. The savings for companies with large WebSphere implementations can be in the millions.”

Haddon Hill Group performs demonstrations in its customers’ conference rooms that show how fast WebSphere implementations can be performed with WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance. “We show deployments that currently take 40 to 60 days taking place in a couple of hours,” says Schaadt. “That comes as jaw-dropping news to management.”

More agile use of WebSphere environments

IBM WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition is optimized for using WebSphere Application Server in virtualized environments on top of select hypervisors.

The Hypervisor Edition facilitates a more agile use of WebSphere Application Server by providing a rapid setup or tear down of the WebSphere Application Server environments. It contains a pre-installed, preconfigured, OS-included binary image of WebSphere Application Server from which virtual machines can be created and deployed on hypervisors.

Bring your own cloud

The customers’ own hardware is used to create the cloud or the environment into which WebSphere virtual images are dispensed and managed by the appliance. In addition to x86 machines, WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance can be implemented with IBM Power Systems™ and PowerVM™-based deployments of WebSphere Application Server, as well as on IBM z/VM® environments.

“The WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance represents savings in power, hardware and floor space, but mostly it is the consolidation and operational cost savings that companies will appreciate,” says Schaadt. “This is a configuration and optimization offering, and represents significant opportunities for companies to consolidate servers on a much lower number of machines with the correct, repeatable configuration that can be managed and maintained with much less effort. It’s making sure that your middleware is provisioned properly and your application runs on it. You can reduce your cycle time, your error rate, the overhead of managing it, and the server and license expenses.”

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