SunTrust Banks, Inc. client reference video

Published on 05-Jun-2013

"Cast Iron removes the complexity of backend services while integrating the salesforce. It's salesforce aware; there are connectors and everything so it takes care of all those nitty-gritties that we need to connect to the Cloud. " - Bala Sundaram, Vice President of Shared Service at SunTrust Bank

SunTrust Banks, Inc.


Deployment country:
United States

Cloud Computing


With assets of approximately USD170 billion, SunTrust Banks, Inc. (SunTrust) is one of the leading financial services holding companies in the United States.

Business need:
SunTrust is going through a business process transformation of its end to end lending. We decided to transform it because the customers were expecting faster response times from prospects, from getting to the prospects, loan origination all the way to closing and getting to servicing.

Cast Iron works to get the messages from different legacy applications on the backend systems. We generate these notification messages so all these backend applications publish their messages to the Message Queue, MQ, and Cast Iron acts as a proxy provider to consume these messages for salesforce and send it to salesforce.

We have been able to get the responses faster to the relationship managers and they are liking the solution. They are able to get the responses on document processing and everything as soon as the document gets processed and they are able to give the updates to the client and the prospect and bring back information that is needed for the processing.


SunTrust uses IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration to connect its back-end enterprise applications, the company’s shared services and the cloud.

Products and services used

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WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration